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Photosensitive Diode Sensor Module

Photosensitive Diode Sensor Module - Photosensitive diode module is the most sensitive for environmental light intensity, generally used for detecting the ambient brightness and intensity, in most of the cases with photosensitive resistance sensor module universal, it is difference that is the photosensitive diode module directional well and can sense the fixed direction of light source

Frequently asked questions about Photosensitive Diode Sensor Module

Q1: What is the definition of a photosensitive diode sensor module?

A photosensitive diode sensor module is an electrical component used to detect and gauge light intensity using a photosensitive diode. A photosensitive diode, signal conditioning circuitry, and occasionally other parts like amplifiers or filters, make up the device. A signal output from the module is intended to be proportionate to the amount of light hitting the diode.

Q2: What is the operation of a photosensitive diode sensor module?

A semiconductor material is used to create the photosensitive diode inside the module, which when exposed to light produces a modest electric current. The incident light's brightness has a direct impact on the current's intensity. This current is amplified and processed by the signal conditioning circuitry to provide an output signal that may be monitored or utilized for additional processing.

Q3: What uses can photosensitive diode sensor modules have?

Photosensitive diode sensor modules are used in a variety of industries. Examples of typical uses include:
  1. Measurement of ambient light intensity: These modules are employed in applications such as automatic display brightness management, light meters, and environmental monitoring systems.
  2. Proximity sensing: By detecting the reflected light, photosensitive diode sensor modules may be utilized to determine whether or not an item is there. They are often utilized in optical encoders and proximity sensors.
  3. Security systems: By detecting changes in light patterns, these modules are employed in security systems to detect unauthorized access or movement.
  4. Robotics and automation: In robotics and automation, photosensitive diode sensor modules are used to track the location and motion of objects by detecting changes in light intensity.
  5. Industrial automation: They may be utilized for activities like part detection, product counting, and quality control in industrial automation.
  6. Medical equipment: Pulse oximetry, phototherapy, and blood oxygen level monitoring are only a few applications for photosensitive diode sensor modules in medical equipment.

Q4: What benefits can photosensitive diode sensor modules offer?

A few benefits of using a photosensitive diode sensor module are as follows:
  • Photosensitive diodes are very sensitive to light, enabling them to recognize even minute variations in light intensity.
  • The module is compact and simple to incorporate into many electrical systems and gadgets because of its modest size.
  • Photosensitive diode sensor modules are frequently capable of handling a broad range of light intensities, from low to high, making them adaptable for a variety of applications.
  • Because of their usually low power needs, they may be used with battery-operated or energy-efficient equipment.
  • Photosensitive diode sensor modules are generally affordable, especially when compared to other types of light sensors.

  • Working voltage: 3.3V-5V
  • Digital value and analog quantity double output
  • Provided with a fixed bolt hole, convenient to install
  • Adjustable sensitivity 
  • Provided with a fixed bolt hole, convenient to install
Usage note
  • When module is not up to the threshold in the condition without light or light intensity, the output port DO high level, when the external environment light intensity exceeds a set threshold, the module D0 output low level
  • Small digital output D0 with the microcontroller is connected directly, through the microcontroller to detect low level, thereby to detect environmental intensity change
  • Small digital output DO can directly drive the relay module, which can be composed of a photoelectric switch
  • Small analog output AO and our AD module, through the AD conversion, it can obtain more accurate numerical value of environmental light intensity

Photosensitive Diode Sensor Module

Photosensitive Diode Sensor Module

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