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Photoelectric Counter IR LM393

Photoelectric Counter IR LM393 - This Photoelectric IR Counter module, which is based on the LM939 comparator chip, detects objects that are in between its two arms. It sends a HIGH signal when something passes the photoelectric sensor. You can then use this to measure the RPM of a motor by counting the HIGH pulses sent in a minute. With its absence of magnetic property, it provides an excellent sensing solution for systems composed of metal. 

Frequently asked questions about Photoelectric Counter IR LM393

Q1: What is a photoelectric counter?

A photoelectric counter is a device that utilizes a photoelectric sensor to count objects or events passing through a detection area. It typically consists of an infrared (IR) light emitter and receiver pair, where interruption of the infrared beam triggers a count. The counter is commonly used in industrial automation, packaging, conveyor systems, and other applications requiring accurate counting.

Q2: What is the LM393?

LM393 is an integrated circuit (IC) commonly used as a comparator in various electronic applications. It consists of two independent voltage comparators, which can be used for comparing analog voltage signals. The LM393 IC is often used in conjunction with a photoelectric sensor for object detection or counting applications, including photoelectric counter systems.

Q3: How does a photoelectric counter with LM393 work?

In a photoelectric counter system using the LM393, the photoelectric sensor emits an infrared beam towards a receiver. When an object or event interrupts the beam, the receiver detects the interruption and generates an electrical signal. The LM393 then compares this signal to a reference voltage and produces an output signal based on the comparison result. This output signal can be used to trigger a count, typically by interfacing with a microcontroller or a digital display.

Q4: What are the advantages of using a photoelectric counter with LM393?

With LM393, a photoelectric counter has the following benefits:
  1. Reliable and exact counting of items or events passing through the detection region is possible with the system.
  2. Non-contact operation: The counter can identify things without making direct physical touch since it employs an infrared beam, making it appropriate for delicate or fragile products.
  3. Flexibility: The LM393 is a versatile electronic component that integrates readily with other electronic parts, enabling creative design and modification of the counter system.
  4. Wide range of applications: Due to their adaptability and precision, photoelectric counters with LM393 are used in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, and automation.

Q5: Can a photoelectric counter with LM393 be interfaced with other devices or systems?

Yes, many devices or systems may be interfaced with a photoelectric counter with LM393. In most cases, the LM393 offers a digital output signal that may be linked to microcontrollers, PLCs, or other digital input devices. This enables data logging, connection with other devices, and integration with bigger automation systems.

  • Dimensions L x W x H: 32mm x 11mm x 20mm 
  • Coupling Slot Width is 5mm.
  • Output Signal indicator
  • Can serve as a switch
  • Working voltage: DC 5 V 
Library: None
Inclusions: 1 x Photoelectric Counter IR LM393
Documents: None

Photoelectric Counter IR LM393

Photoelectric Counter IR LM393

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