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Servo Tilt / Pan Kit SG-90 Servos

If you need to use a pan-tilt mechanism for your Arduino robot, this item is perfect for you. The Servo Tilt / Pan Kit for SG-90 Servos is a DIY Pan-Tilt chassis that can rotate up to 180 degrees vertically and horizontally. You can use this as a base framework for your DIY Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects.

Note that this item doesn't include a servo motor and comes disassembled. To build the item, follow the assembly instructions below.


  • Compatible with Tower 9G, SG90, and SG92 servo
  • Weight: 37g
Library: None

Inclusions: 1 x Servo Tilt / Pan Kit SG-90 Servos


Servo Tilt / Pan Kit SG-90 Servos

Servo Tilt / Pan Kit SG-90 Servos

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