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OLED 1.3" I2C

OLED 1.3" I2C -  This OLED might be small, but it can do what a normal screen can do. It can project anything from text to images, with the use of the correct library.

This OLED display module is made with 128 x 64 OLED pixels, having a monochrome color depth.

It works with a 3.3V to 5V power supply. The diagonal size of this OLED is 1.3". You can interface this module with your Arduino using the I2C pins(SDA/SCL) and the power supply pins (VCC/GND).

You may use this module on small-scale projects like a wearable devices.

Further, OLED displays are compact in size but these are readable, thanks to the high contrast of the surface. It is built of 128 x 32 individual white OLED pixels. Users can turn on/off each one using the controller chip. One of the fascinating aspects is that it doesn’t require any kind of backlight since the display creates its own light. That’s why it diminishes the power required to operate the OLED and is also responsible for high contrast. Definitely, users like to integrate the unit for the crispiness it offers.

I2C OLED Display Module

The I2C OLED Module is a mono-color display surface where OLED stands for Organic Light Omitted Diode. You can find two different models of the same unit, including SH1106 and SSD1306. No one can differentiate between both devices only by looking at them. Also, there are other types of OLED modules available in different shapes and sizes. Many of them are integrating i2c communication protocol while others can have SPI communication.

On the display module, there are a total of 4 4 male headers. You can see them labeled as GND, VCC, SCL, and SDA. Also, the unit features a small resistor that works as the i2c address selector. Presently, the i2c address is known as ox78. However, this address will change to ox7a upon removing the resistor and soldering it on the other side. You may also witness situations where both addresses become worthless. In this event, you can implement the i2c scanner.


  • Display Size - 1.3”
  • Pixel Color - White
  • Resolution - 128 x 64 Pixels
  • Driving Voltage - 3.3-5V
  • Operating Temperature - 40~70 C
  • Controlling Chip - SSH1106
  • Display Area - 34.5 x 19mm
  • Interface Type - IIC
  • Length - 35.5mm
  • Height – 4mm
  • Width - 33.5mm
  • Weight – 7mm

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OLED 1.3" I2C

OLED 1.3" I2C

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