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NFC 25mm Stickers 13.56MHz NTAG 213 Universal Label RFID Tags 5PCS

NFC 25mm Stickers 13.56MHz NTAG 213 Universal Label RFID Tags 5PCS - The new generation of the widespread Ntag203, NTAG213 NFC Chip is made by NXP, has a 144-byte memory and Universal Compatibility. It can be Password-protected.

  • Chip: Ntag213
  • Physical capacity: 168 bytes
  • Usable capacity: 144 bytes
  • Protocol: ISO14443A
  • Working frequency: 13.56 MHZ
  • Reading and writing distance: 1 to 5 cm
  • Reading and writing time: 1 to 2 ms
  • Working temperature: -20 to 55 degree, the humidity of 90%
  • Erase times : > 100000 times
  • Data storage: > 10 years
  • Reading time: 100000 times
  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Packaging materials: PE self-adhesive +  coated paper

NTAG 213 Universal Label RFID Tags – Description

Ntag is an innovative creation of NXP Semiconductors. It is brilliant and efficient equipment that is used in mass-market applications such as gaming, retail as well as consumer electronics. There are several types of Ntag chips equipped with NFC. If you are looking for a good NFC tag, make sure to contain a Ntag chip that is compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets. Further, these Ntagsare specifically assembled to abide by NFC Forum Type 2 Tag wholly and ISO/IEC14443 Type A specifications.

Since the popularity of smart devices has grown increasingly, we are now free to use them to communicate with the environment. It needs efficient solutions to transmit data and trigger incidents to observe a seamless user experience. This is where the importance of Near Field Communication (NFC) comes to the rescue. It is a versatile and competent medium to connect devices and exchange data among them.

What is an NFC Tag?

Near Field Technology or NFC permits two devices to communicate wirelessly. It supports the transfer of data between nearby phones, tablets, and laptops as well as other developments. This technology works in close proximity, unlike RFID. Also, it doesn’t require manual device identification like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Currently, almost all mobile wallets such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and other channels are being powered by the NFC Technology.

Various Specifications and Benefits of Ntag 213

In the technology world, we happen to capture numerous benefits of using Ntag 21x.The electrical and mechanical specifications are tailored to overcome the requirements of inlay as well as tab producers.

Data Transfer and Contactless Approach

Users can connect the IC to an antenna to become eligible to communicate to Ntag 213. Hence, when you position the Ntag 213 in the RF field, the high-speed RF communication system permits you to transmit the data at 106 kbit/s.

User Convenience

Ntag 213 is specifically designed with exceptional features to improve integration and user experience. Its fast read capability allows users to scan the full NDEF message with only the single FAST_READ command.

Simple Deployment

Further, it helps users while choosing the dimension, material, and shape after having improved RF performance.


32-bit password protection is deployed to avoid unauthorized memory operations. Also, it uses an ECC-based originality signature profile.

NFC 25mm Stickers 13.56MHz NTAG 213 Universal Label RFID Tags 5PCS

NFC 25mm Stickers 13.56MHz NTAG 213 Universal Label RFID Tags 5PCS

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