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MOSFET F5305S Switch Module

MOSFET F5305S Switch Module -  This MOSFET is ideal for Arduino projects that have motor speed and light intensity control. With a MOSFET, you can increase or decrease the speed of a DC motor using a PWM source from an Arduino board. This module is based on a FET type in which the input and output are fully isolated. 


  • Input voltage: 3 to 20V
  • Current: 5mA
  • Output Controlled Voltage: 5 to 36V, if above 5A heatsink is needed.
  • Dimension L x W x H: 46 x 25 x 18mm
  • Weight: 15g

F5305S MOSFET Switch Module – Description

The MOSFET Switch Module (F5305S) is a competent tool that can be used against Arduino projects. Based on the FET module, this device brings impeccable features for users who desire to create something extraordinary. It implements the original and newly-founded chip named F5305S. It allows users to push input data in the form of a PWM signal to control motor speed and lightness etc. It is also required to remember that input and output are wholly isolated from each other in the FET mechanism.

Furthermore, the MOSFET Switch Module provides several types of circuitry executions to facilitate Arduino projects overwhelmingly. It composites the right framework based on the new F5305S integration and permits you to conjoin with the Arduino project at hand. You will have a simple breakout board for the given F5305S MOSFET. There would be a simple hookup to your Arduino as well as other microcontrollers. It derives pulse current through a PWM pin that further executes this system to control most high current DC loads.

The prime objective of the MOSFET Switch Module (F5305S) is to ensure a low-cost way to run a DC motor for robotic applications. However, you can also use this particular module to manage high current DC loads. You can interface an external power source with your load using the provided screw terminals. As soon as your load starts switching, an LED indicator will present a visual indication.

The Work Mechanism

Well, the MOSFET Switch Module provides a simple working system to ensure beginners will have nothing complicated to face. With the unit, you can connect the power for the integration you desire to control VIN and GND. It allows you to attach the device with V+ and V- screw terminals. When you witness the SIG line is high, a small LED lights up and it is the indication when GND is connected to the V-. Similarly, when the SIG line is low, the LED turns off and the GND will get disconnected to the V-.

Further, the MOSFET Switch Module integrates an efficient unit to snatch power from your Arduino. It facilities VCC to go to the 5V connection and the GND pin on your Arduino. Hence, it brings a reliable way to drive a DC motor without hitting your pocket hard.It is an excellent choice to integrate into robotics applications. Also, the unit can be implemented to control the highest current DC loads.

MOSFET F5305S Switch Module

MOSFET F5305S Switch Module

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