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Mobile Platform Kit 4WD for Arduino Robotics

Mobile Platform Kit 4WD for Arduino Robotics -  This Mobile Platform Kit 4WD is a versatile robotic mobile platform for your wheeled robot projects. You can easily fit your Arduino and Raspberry Pi board. You can also install various sensors such as ultrasonic, IR, and line trackers. This kit has 4 geared motors already, so you will be needing a motor driver shield. We also have the 2WD version. You can proceed to study the whole post to learn more about the 4WD mobile platform kit for Arduino robotics.

The 4WD utility mobile platform kit features 4 wheels, and 4 drive motors and also carries complete chassis with mounting hardware. It is a productive integration from every viewpoint, given its versatile nature and proficiency. The 4WD mobile platform is relevant for robot competitions as well as research-based projects. The unit is a cost-effective consideration to offer excellent utility for 4-drive smart car chassis. Users will have no need to pay higher costs to enjoy a
superior quality performance. You can capture benefits including tracking, firefighting, remote control, obstacle avoidance, and many other robot projects.

As far as the 4WD mobile platform kit is concerned, it installs 4 independent drive motors. It makes the device more powerful and serves it with the climbing ability to be a suitable integration for outdoor applications. This multi-functional 4WD robot car is well-compatible with UNO R3 for Robot Car developments. Therefore, it is a dynamic establishment with numerous holes and mounting points to enable it to carry a PCB board and many other additional components.

4WD Mobile Platform Kit – Description

The 4WD mobile robot platform is a superior destination for enthusiasts who desire to integrate valuable stuff for robotics projects. With the emergence of mobile devices in the market, you might be keen to create specialized stuff for your moving robotic projects. It is an outdoor mobile robotic platform kit that offers a range of creative features and advanced protocols. This kit hosts a complete package of components, including outdoor wheels, 4x gear motors, an aluminum frame as well as mounting hardware.

Further, there is a servo motor of standard size fitted between two plates. It catches and integrates the servo motor tightly to ensure there is no damage to its components. In addition to that, users need a dual-motor controller and a receiver to complete the kit. Moreover, the 4WD 4-wheeler robot chassis is a perfect dais for independent research and development. It executes 4 independent drive motors as compared to the traditional platform having 3 drive motors.


The 4WD Mobile Platform Kit for Arduino Robotics publishes several types of features and specifications. Let’s have a quick glance at some of the sharp features of the unit:

  • Easy installation
  • Straightforward mechanical structure
  • Four encoded DC motors
  • 80 cm/s speed
  • Aluminum frame
  • 4x gear motors
  • Mounting hardware

Mobile Platform Kit 4WD for Arduino Robotics

Mobile Platform Kit 4WD for Arduino Robotics

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