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mmWave Radar - 24GHz Human Presence Detection Sensor (9 Meters)

How does mmWave radar work?

Millimeter-wave radar is a non-contact tracking technology that can find things and tell you their distance, speed, and angle. In this case, it can find people. mmWave sensors send messages with a wavelength in the millimeter (mm) range, the high-frequency range between 24GHz and 300GHz.

Accurate detection of both stillness and motion

mmWave sensors are more delicate than other human presence sensors like PIR, infrared, and ultrasound sensors because they can sense both movement and silence. They also have strong anti-interference features that make them less sensitive to changes in temperature, light and sounds in their surroundings. The monitor can pick up on the presence of a person quickly and accurately, whether they are sitting, sleeping, or moving.

For example, in a public smart bathroom project, mmWave human presence monitors are very helpful because public restrooms are usually busy and noisy. Even with these problems, mmWave devices can check the state of bathroom stalls quickly and correctly. This improvement to the structure and use of resources in public bathrooms makes them more efficient and better for those who use them.



  • Both stillness and motion recognition can be used to find people.
  • Strong ability to block out noise and disturbance from snow, haze, temperature, humidity, dust, light, noise, etc.
  • Small and easy to fit together
  • The I/O port switch controls the number of inputs and outputs
  • Control of the serial port's inputs and outputs



  • Power Source: 3.6V to 5V
  • Current in use: 90mA
  • Distance to detect: 9m
  • Power to Send Equal to 9-12dBM
  • The angle of Beam: 100*40°
  • Mode of Modulation: FMCW or CW
  • Frequency of operation: 24GHz
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C
  • Rate of Baud: 115200
  • Size: 24mm x 28mm / 0.94" x 1.10"

mmWave Radar - 24GHz Human Presence Detection Sensor (9 Meters)

mmWave Radar - 24GHz Human Presence Detection Sensor (9 Meters)

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