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Water Mini Pump RS-360S

Water Mini Pump RS-360S - By adding a relay, you could make an automated plant watering machine with this mini water pump.
This water pump uses a dc motor RS-360S to create suction behavior. It can powers with 6V to 12V power supply.
It has two male tube endings that could fit tubes with a size of 4mm. This water pump is not submersible and is to be tested ideally with water to keep it from getting clogged with impurities.
You could control the suction speed of this water pump by using a motor driver.
The tube, as well as the connecting wires, is not included with this motor.
This water pump could be used in projects needing a small transfer of water from one container to another, or merely draining water.

NOTE: Please do not test a long time with no-load. Inside is a plastic leaf to avoid suction of impurities.

Common Issues With Tiny Water Pumps And Solutions

Most water tank pumps have some problems at some point in their existence. You can fix some of these issues on your own, but others need to be fixed by a skilled pump specialist. Here are a few typical issues with water tank pumps and fixes you can try Water Portable Pump RS-360S.
  • Reduced Water: If your water pump is operating properly but not dispensing water, there may be a problem with the pump. Foreign objects and tank dirt can clog the inside of the pump, and pump impellers and seals may fail. Run dry failure might also result from low water levels in the tank.
  • Stopped Pump: If your pump or motor system stops working, you may be experiencing an electrical problem or a seizure from foreign matter. Frequently, these issues are cheaply fixable.
  • Short Cycles: Shortened cycles are one of the most prevalent issues with water tank pumps. If you notice that your pump used to run for longer periods of time before starting to run shorter or faster cycles recently. Short cycles are frequently the result of issues with the pump's auto pressure management or frequently serve as a sign that pipes or taps are leaking. The pressure control and the pump's dependability will be hampered over the course of their lifetimes by too frequent stops and starts.
You'll probably lose water pressure or the ability to supply water to your home if your water tank pump encounters any of these problems. Do your best to quickly fix water pump issues to avoid further problems with your water tank supply.
Always call a skilled pump expert to fix any issues with water pumps. When you call a professional, he will identify the issue's root cause before resolving it. Here are a few solutions that your pump technician might suggest:
Regulate Cycles
You can specify a desired pressure range on some pumps that use a typical pressure switch control in order to better meet your needs and slow down the pump's cycling. Other pumps with electronic pressure controls monitor flow and pressure but are not programmable and offer "run dry prevention."
Continuously operating pumps are more prone to sustain internal damage. Overheating problems are frequently seen in water tank pumps that abruptly stop operating. When a pump reaches a safe temperature, internal thermal overload switches will cause the pump to shut down automatically.
When the pump has cooled off, it will then begin to cycle once more. Typically, problems like tight rotation and bearing seizure are what create this failure. Low voltage, a broken winding, or quick cycling
Call a technician to fix these issues if you encounter any of these issues with your water tank pump.
  • Optimal For Voltage: 6V
  • Working Voltage: 4-12V
  • Working Current: 0.8A
  • Motor Diameter: 27mm
  • Water Pump length: 52mm
  • Drain Hole: 4mm
  • Weight: 147g

Water Mini Pump RS-360S

Water Mini Pump RS-360S

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