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Magnetic contact switch door sensor

Magnetic contact switch door sensor -  This item says it's a door sensor but honestly, you can use this on anything with an open and close function - drawers, suitcases, cabinets, windows, etc. This magnetic contact switch door sensor consists of a reed switch enclosed in an ABS plastic case. When the two parts are away, the reed is open which means there's no connection. The switch closes when the two parts are in contact - hence the name. You can use this function to detect if a door is open or not. Moreover, you can buy mounting tabs and screws so you can easily install them into your doors.

Magnetic Contact Door Sensor: Description

The magnetic contact door sensor is an awesome and essential element of your home security system. It is a type of security alarm to let you know when someone enters the home. Two parts are adjoined to assemble these sorts of devices. By keeping them parallel to each other, they form a circuit. Each of the units is integrated on separate doors. When you open the door, both parts get separated and the circuit is broken that further triggers the control panel to sound an alarm.

Furthermore, doo sensors are simpler to install and easier to take these components for granted. However, you need to capture as much information as possible to use and maintain these devices working for longer. A magnetic contact is designed as a door and window sensor whose functionality uses an internal reed switch in connection with a magnetic. No other system is simpler than this for windows and doors. Hence, these devices are widely used to enhance home security.

As its name signifies, the magnetic sensor is to monitor a door or window by triggering an alarm when the door/window is opened. Due to the way they are used, these devices are also called magnetic contacts. The majority of these kinds of sensors execute the same doctrine if not all. The door and window sensor incorporates a sensor, an internal reed switch, and a separate magnet. It is installed on the door or the window frame whereas the magnetic is installed on the moving portion of the door/window. Make sure to place the magnet within about a half-inch of the sensor to bring the best results.


  • Normally open reed switch
  • ABS enclosure
  • Rated current: 100 mA max
  • Rated voltage: 200 VDC max
  • Distance: 15mm max
  • Box size (each side): 29mm x 14mm x 9mm / 1.1" x 0.6" x 0.4"
  • Cable Length: 305mm ± 12mm / 12" ± 0.5"
  • Weight (per side): 5.4g


  • Easy installation
  • Very beneficial for residential & commercial use
  • Ideal for apartments, offices, and hotels, etc.
  • Stern concealment
  • 15-25mm actuation distance
  • Designed particularly for windows and door frames
  • Magnetic sensor alarm
  • Triggers an alarm when someone opens the door/window

Markets are flooded with several types of home security systems and alarm sensors. But most of them integrate a reed switch and a magnet to determine if the door is opened or closed. Reed switches have countless applicability from doorbells to laptops and it relies on a set of electrical connectors. When both parts are close to each other, the switch will remain closed. It will trigger an alarm as soon as the parts are set apart.

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Magnetic contact switch door sensor

Magnetic contact switch door sensor

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