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Luminance Sensor Grove APDS-9002

Luminance Sensor Grove APDS-9002 - Luminance Sensor Grove using APDS-9002 as lumens Sensor, provide the linear transform lumen intensity for the output voltage levels. And APDS-9002 spectrum and human eye is extremely close to. Very suitable for application in the field of human intelligence. 

Frequently asked Questions about Luminance Sensor Grove APDS-9002

Q1: What is the Luminance Sensor Grove APDS-9002?

A digital ambient light sensor module called the Luminance Sensor Grove APDS-9002 is used to gauge the amount of light in a given area. It is frequently utilised in situations where automated display brightness adjustment is necessary, such in lighting systems for indoor usage, automobile dashboards, and mobile devices.

Q2: How does the APDS-9002 Luminance Sensor work?

The APDS-9002 Luminance Sensor measures light intensity using a photodiode and a current-to-voltage converter. The current-to-voltage converter amplifies and transforms the electrical current produced by the photodiode into an output voltage that is proportionate to the light intensity. The photodiode converts light into an electrical current. With the aid of a microcontroller or other appropriate devices, this voltage output may be read.

Q3: What is the APDS-9002 Luminance Sensor's operating voltage range and measuring range?

The voltage range in which the APDS-9002 Luminance Sensor operates is 2.5V to 5.5V DC. The measuring range of the APDS-9002 Luminance Sensor is broad, often ranging from 3 lux to 220,000 lux. This enables it to precisely monitor illumination conditions in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Q4: How precise is the Luminance Sensor APDS-9002?

Under usual operating circumstances, the APDS-9002 Luminance Sensor has a typical accuracy of 15%. It's crucial to remember that the accuracy might change based on variables like temperature, humidity, and outside light sources.

Q5: Can the APDS-9002 Luminance Sensor detect color?

No, the APDS-9002 Luminance Sensor is a monochrome sensor that measures the intensity of ambient light but does not detect color.

Q6: What is the APDS-9002 Luminance Sensor's interface like?

Using its Grove-compatible connections, the APDS-9002 Luminance Sensor may be quickly interfaced with microcontrollers or development boards. It adheres to the I2C communication protocol, making integration into other projects simple.

Q7: Is the APDS-9002 Luminance Sensor supported by sample code or libraries?

For the APDS-9002 Luminance Sensor, libraries and example code are available. These sources can be found on the manufacturer's website, neighbourhood discussion boards, or websites like circuit Rock.s You may use these resources to get the sensor integrated into your projects and to view its readings.

Please note that these FAQs and answers are provided for informational purposes, and it's always recommended to refer to the manufacturer's documentation and specifications for precise details about the APDS-9002 Luminance Sensor.


  • VCC supply 2.4 to 5.5 V
  • APDS-9002 Size: 2*1.25*0.8mm
  • The linear output voltage range:0~2.3V

Luminance Sensor Grove APDS-9002

Luminance Sensor Grove APDS-9002

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