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Weight Load Cell Sensor 50kg

If you're looking for an analog sensor for weight measurement, this item is perfect for you. This weight load cell sensor measures the force applied to the E-shaped beam portion of the sensor and the outside edges to form a shear force in the opposite direction. It can support loads up to 50kg. It requires power and ground (white and black) and a signal connection (red). Furthermore, you can use a 24-bit ADC such as the HX711 to convert the analog readings from the load sensor to a microcontroller. 

  • Sturdy material
  • Up to 50kg sensor range
  • Parallel use to add additional capacity.
  • Dimension (mm): 28*28*8
  • Capacity (kg): 50
  • Comprehensive error (%F.S): 0.2
  • Output sensitivity (mv/v): 1.1±0.15
  • Nonlinearity (%F.S): 0.2
  • Repeatability (%F.S): 0.1
  • Hysteresis (%F.S): 0.2
  • Creep (%F.S/3min): 0.1
  • Zero Drift (%F.S/1min): 0.1
  • Temp. Effect on zero (%F.S/10°C): 0.2
  • Temp. Effect on Output (%F.S/10°C): ≤0.15
  • Zero Output (mv/V): ±0.3
  • Input Resistance (Ω): 1000±50
  • Output Resistance (Ω): 1000±50
  • Insulation Resistance (MΩ): ≤2000 (100VDC)
  • Excitation Voltage (V): 5~10
  • Operation Temp. Range (°C): -10~+50
  • Overload Capacity (%F.S): 150
  • Method of connecting wire : red= Sig + ; black= Exc –; blue= Exc +
Library: None
Inclusions: 1 x Weight Load Cel  Sensor 50kg
Documents: Datasheet

Weight Load Cell Sensor 50kg

Weight Load Cell Sensor 50kg

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