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LCD TFT 3.5 inch TFT for Arduino

If you are looking for a "not so small" colored LCD that could display text and images, this LCD could be of use for your application.

With a screen size of 3.5", this LCD is almost the same size as an Arduino Mega with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels.

It is compatible with Uno, Mega, and Due board versions of Arduino, as well as STM32, and STM51 board series. The backlight of this LCD is not controllable and powered up with the 3.3V pin of your Arduino board, but the 5V pin powers the LCD operations.

To use this LCD screen, you need to plug it on top of your Arduino Uno board and upload the sample code. For the images and other files, it has a MicroSD card slot at the bottom.

LCD TFT 3.5 inch TFT for Arduino

LCD TFT 3.5 inch TFT for Arduino

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