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Jumper Wires Male Female 30cm 20PCS

Jumper Wires Male Female 30cm 20PCS - Jumper wires are the bread and butter of breadboard prototyping (no pun intended). They help you connect almost anything to your Arduino board, so it is always wise to have some in your workshop. Be careful, however, when left unattended, they seem to tangle like there's no tomorrow. Well, you can always buy another set.


  • Wire Quantity: 20
  • Length: 300mm / 30cm
  • Connector Type: Female - Male
  • Color: Combined

Male-to-Female Jumper Wires (30cm) – Description

Using jumper wires always adds to productivity! Regardless of the project under execution, jumper wires are frequently-used components to make stern interconnections. It helps users combine breadboard units using male and female ends of DuPont wires and cultivate exquisite performance. The 30cm Male Female Jumper DuPont Wires are superbly flexible to adjust as per project requirements. These offer safer and secure grounds for enthusiasts to place Arduino and prototyping integrations.

The wiring under question is an electrical component (or a group of them) with connectors on both ends. On one side, you will get a Male pin and a female pin on the other end. These connectors are helpful for interconnecting components of a breadboard and other prototyping considerations. Jumper wires allow users to assemble units by inserting/tagging end connectors into relevant slots provided in a breadboard and other applicable units. You can also draft your projects using DuPont wires in a circuit board as well as a piece of test equipment.

Jumper Wire – Types

Usually, jumper wires come in three formats –Female to Female, Female to Male, and Male to Male. What is the difference between all? Well, we can differentiate the jumper wires by analyzing the end connectors only. Simply, wires with male ends show a pin protruding that is used to plug into things. On the other hand, a female pin end doesn’t have a protruding pin and it can be used to plug things into. Amongst all, male-to-male jumper wires are ones that are frequently used in multiple projects. Ultimately, DuPont wires have substantial roles to play in the electronic world and help aspirants to compose breadboard and prototyping units.

Needless to say, jumper wires bring exceptional facilities to be like the bread and butter of breadboard prototyping. They possess the potential to let you connect almost all sorts of boards and Arduino projects. Therefore, jumper wires are essential tools for a workshop to have and promote projects with better involvement of interconnections.

Features –

  • Jumper wires are easy to install and use.
  • It is greatly compatible with 2.54mm pin header units.
  • Highly appreciated in construction and repair functions
  • Multiple colors for quick identification
  • Worthful for Genuine Arduino Projects
  • Flexible for plugging and unplugging for easy prototyping

Library: None

Inclusions:  20 x Jumper Wires Male to Female 30cm

Documents: None

Jumper Wires Male Female 30cm 20PCS

Jumper Wires Male Female 30cm 20PCS

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