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Jumper Wires Male - Male 20cm 20PCS

Jumper Wires Male - Male 20cm 20PCS -  This wire is useful for your Arduino related projects. It consists of various colors to represent your wiring connections. The ends of each wire is DuPont equipped.


  • Wire Quantity: 20
  • Length: 200mm / 20cm
  • Connector Type: Male - Male
  • Color: Combined

Jumper Wire Male-to-Male – Description

This is an excellent collection of colorful wires that is efficient to accommodate your Arduino projects. The Jumper wires bring multipurpose usage and are very handy when it comes to implementing across diverse project systems. With quicker testing protocols, Jumper wires provide excellent connections to make your Arduino-related projects more efficient and productive.

Further, Jumper Wires under discussion are 20cm in length and come in a blend of 20 pieces. Both ends of each wire is DuPont equipped and embraced Male to Male connectors. These wires are primarily designed to connect FRC pins, Berg pins and header pins. In terms of physical composition, Jumper Wires are electrical wires that represent a group of cables having a connector (pins) at each end. These ends are proposed to interconnect various components integrated on a breadboard unit, prototyping or other testing circuits.

Apart from that, Jumper Wires can also be used to connect various projects internally or with other equipment/components without having soldering affairs. Some of the significant projects that can be promoted for the usage of Jumper Wires (M2M) conclude Banana Pi, Orange Pi, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other development boards and mini-PC projects. As far as other relevant projects are concerned, users can integrate the wires across PCB projects, PC motherboard, and breadboard connections.

20CM Dupont Wire Colour Jumper Cable: Features & Specifications

Male-to-Male Jumper Wires (20cm) is a good collection of flexible cables that you can detach easily according to your project’s requirements. You will witness a 1-pin male to the 1-pin male header on both ends to offer an easy connection. Similarly, the Jumper wire is also compatible with 2.54mm mil spacing pin headers.

Across various Arduino and Pi projects, users can plug and unplug the cables easily for prototyping purposes several times. Some of the quick features of the Jumper Wire (20cm) 20pcs includes the following pointers:


  • Greater compatibility with 2.54mm spacing pin headers
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and reusable
  • High-quality materials
  • Good working condition
  • Easy plugging and unplugging for prototyping
  • Useful for electronic projects and genuine Arduino products
  • Chromatic colours
  • Valuable for construction and repair
  • Easy installation

  • Connector Type: Male to Male
  • Length: 20cm
  • Colour: Multiple colours (combined)
  • Number of Wires: 20
Overall, Jumper Wire 20cm (M2M) is an efficient composition with various colourful wires to support connections.It is suitable for multiple Arduino projects.

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Jumper Wires Male - Male 20cm 20PCS

Jumper Wires Male - Male 20cm 20PCS

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