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Jumper Wires Female - Female 20cm 20PCS

Jumper Wires Female - Female 20cm 20PCS -  

With these wires, you can easily connect electronic components to a breadboard to make your project with these jumper wires.


  • Wire Quantity: 20
  • Length: 200mm / 20cm
  • Connector Type: Female - Female
  • Color: Combined

20cm Jumper Wires (Female to Female) – Description

Jumper wires host incredible significance when it comes to integrating Arduino and other versatile electrical projects. These wires are universally applicable with the enormous utility it brings for enthusiasts. Further, the jumper wires come in various formats like Male to Male, Male to Female, and Female to Female, etc.

This is the blend of Jumper Wires of 20cm in length that are used to connect female ports on each side. It is nice to see the flexibility and freedom the jumper cables offer. You can detach the cable easily to several wiring ports as per your needs. On both ends, a user will witness a one-pin female integration that is further compatible with 2.54mm spacing pin headers.

Further, it is a bunch of cables with each one having a connector on both sides to interconnect the components of a breadboard unit. Also, jumper wires are utilized to connect test circuits and prototypes with many other equipment/components without soldering them. You can associate breadboard integrations with the help of jumper F - F wires. One can insert the end connectors of individual cables into the slots featured in a breadboard. However, it can also be used to create connections with a circuit board as well as a piece of test equipment.

There’re plenty of usage patterns of jumper 20cm female-female wires. The unit stays quite efficient while using Banana Pi, Orange Pi, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi. Apart from that, the jumper cables can also be useful for mini PCs and development boards, including PC motherboard, breadboard connections, and PCB projects. Therefore, aspirants are free to snatch a good range of profits by considering jumper cables for their Arduino and other mechanical projects.

Major Features –

Umpteen features are there that users can witness with jumper cables. It is a good mix of awesome specifications to help project handling teams design connectivity between various breadboards and other platforms.

  • The Jumper Wires are well compatible with a 2.54mm spacing pin header. It is a great property to utilize with jumper wire since it offers the flexibility to join multiple projects altogether.
  • Further, wires reflect a good quality across integrations to produce a great piece of work.
  • Jumper wires are reusable with a durable approach.
  • Substantially, jumper wires are simpler to install and use.
  • In terms of quantity, a set of jumper wires consist of20 wires in all.
  • As of connector type, jumper wires bring a female-to-female integration with combined colors.
  • The length of the wires measures 20 centimeters or 200mm.
  • Users will have the freedom to choose wires for construction or repair purposes.
  • Moreover, it can be implemented across electronic projects alongside embracing Arduino projects.

Jumper Wires Female - Female 20cm 20PCS

Jumper Wires Female - Female 20cm 20PCS

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