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Jumper Wires Female - Female 30cm 20PCS

Jumper Wires Female - Female 30cm 20PCS -  Jumper wires are the bread and butter of breadboard prototyping (no pun intended). They help you connect almost anything to your Arduino board, so it is always wise to have some in your workshop. Be careful, however, when left unattended, they seem to tangle like there's no tomorrow. Well, you can always buy another set.

  • Wire Quantity: 20
  • Length: 300mm / 30cm
  • Connector Type: Female - Female
  • Color: Combined

F2F Jumper Wires (30cm) – Description

Jumper wires are incredible components when it comes to facilitating breadboard and other electric projects. This is a worthful package of 20 pieces of jumper wires to address your specific needs. Jumper wires reveal greater performance and usability because of their flexibility and other renowned features. Avid users can use the wires as per their unique requirements while assembling projects and Arduino boards.

What is the jumper wire all about? Well, it is a simple development, also known as DuPont, made of high-quality materials. It features two connection points on each end. These points work as connectors having female pins on both ends. It allows you to connect two units with male pins using the female connectors on the jumper wire. Also, users yield productivity with its compatibility with 2.54mm mil spacing pin headers.

Further, jumper wires are a group of applicable wires with connector pins at each end. It brings the provision to connect two points without soldering. In the main course of action, jumper wires offer significant applicability with breadboards along with many other prototyping tools. Hence, it is quite easy to change the circuit as per requirements using simpler execution processes to cultivate greater performance.

As far as different colors are concerned, jumper wires (Female-Female) come along with a range of varied colors. Every single wire signifies a unique color pattern to help you while making connections. Differentiating multiple types of connections becomes easier with the multi-color presentation of jumper wires. Apart from that, multiple colors offer no specific perk or technical advantage for users.


Assembling breadboard units or Arduino projects would be stress-free with the involvement of handy jumper wires. Individual DuPont cables provide the flexibility to insert their end connectors into dedicated slots provided in a breadboard as well as a unit of test equipment.

Jumper female-female wires (30cm) are substantially approved to be valuable for Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Arduino, and many other kinds of mini-PCs and development boards. Moreover, you can also use it in the PCB project, breadboard connections, and PC motherboard.


  • 2.4mm mil spacing compatibility
  • Easy plugging/unplugging for prototyping
  • Greater material quality
  • Easy installation
  • Durability and usability
  • Chromatic color jumper wire
Library: None
Inclusions: 20 x Jumper Wires Female - Female 30cm
Documents: None

Jumper Wires Female - Female 30cm 20PCS

Jumper Wires Female - Female 30cm 20PCS

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