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Jumper Wire 2Pin Dual-Female 200mm 5pcs pack

Jumper Wire 2Pin Dual-Female 200mm 5pcs pack - This is 200mm long 2pin female to female jumper wire which uses high quality 26# line. Great for jumping from board to board. These are simple jumper wires used on standard 2.54mm(0.1") breakaway headers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jumper Wires F/M High Quality 65 Pack

Q1: What exactly are jumper wires?

A: Electrical lines being used to connect components on a breadboard or circuit board are known as jumper wires. They are generally constructed of thin, flexible wire with connections at both ends and come in a range of lengths and colors.

Q2: What is included in the Jumper Wires F/M High Quality 65 Pack?

A: The F/M High Quality 65 Pack of Jumper Wires has 65 separate wires with female connections on one end and male connectors on the other. The wires are available in a range of colors and lengths.

Q3: What is the gauge of the wire in this pack?

A: This pack's wire gauge is normally approximately 22 AWG (American Wire Gauge), which is a standard size for jumper wires.

Q4: What is the length of the wires in this pack?

A: The wires in this set are available in a range of lengths, ranging from 3 to 8 inches.

Q5: What are the connectors on the wires made of?

A: The wire connections are often constructed of metal, such as brass or copper, with a gold or tin coating to increase conductivity and prevent corrosion.

Q6: Are these wires compatible with all types of breadboards and circuit boards?

A: These wires are intended to work with most typical breadboards and circuit boards. However, it is always a good idea to double-check the specs of your board to verify compatibility.

Q7: Are these wires reusable?

A: Indeed, these wires are often reusable and may be used for a variety of purposes.

Q8: Are these wires easy to bend and shape?

A: Yeah, these wires are usually highly flexible and simple to bend and shape as needed.

Q9: Can these wires carry high currents?

A: The gauge of the wire in this pack is relatively small, so it is not recommended to use these wires for high-current applications. It is best to check the specifications of your particular project to determine the appropriate wire gauge and current capacity needed.

Q10: Are these wires suitable for prototyping and hobby projects?

A: Yes, these wires are commonly used in prototyping and hobby projects due to their flexibility, ease of use, and compatibility with breadboards and circuit boards.

Jumper Wire 2Pin Dual-Female 200mm 5pcs pack

Jumper Wire 2Pin Dual-Female 200mm 5pcs pack

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