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IR Infrared LED 5mm 940nm 5PCS

An IR (Infrared Receiving) Diode regulates current flow by allowing current to pass only if it detects IR rays. The amount of current it allows depends on the intensity of the IR rays, which value can be obtained using analogRead in Arduino devices. This characteristic makes IR diodes common in motion detection devices. They are also used in line follower robots and televisions. 


  • Dominant Wavelength: 940nm
  • Emitted Color:  Infrared Receiving
  • Forward Voltage (V) : 1.27-1.4V
  • Reverse Current:10uA
Library: None
Inclusions: 5 x IR LED 5mm 940nm
Documents: None

IR Infrared LED 5mm 940nm 5PCS

IR Infrared LED 5mm 940nm 5PCS

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