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Hook-and-Loop Fastener Tape 2cm x 100cm 3M

3M Hook and Loop Fastener consists of flexible J-shaped nylon hooks and woven loops which engage each other to form a quick attachment. It offers an alternative to zippers, screws, snaps and hooks, bolts and more.

Hook and loop fastener creates smooth joints without screws, rivets, bolts or zippers

Rubber adhesive allows for attachment to low surface energy substrates

Woven nylon design provides durability for thousands of closures

Great design flexibility and fast product assembly through easy-to-use fastener


  • Short-time heat resistance: 120 ℃
  • Long-time heat resistance: 80 ℃
  • Color: black
  • Hook surface thickness: 1.8 mm
  • Wool surface thickness: 1.6 mm
  • Bite thickness: 3.2 mm
  • Width: 2 cm
  • Length: 100 cm
  • Weight: 34 g


  • Hook & Loop Tape (Hook type + Wool type) x1

Hook-and-Loop Fastener Tape 2cm x 100cm 3M

Hook-and-Loop Fastener Tape 2cm x 100cm 3M

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