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Header Stackable 10 Pin Long Legs 5PCS

This 10-pin female header is specifically designed with extra long legs, making it an ideal component for stacking Arduino shields. Its design facilitates easy and secure connections between multiple shields or modules, enhancing the functionality of your Arduino projects without compromising on space or connectivity.


  • Pin Spacing: 0.1 inches (2.54mm), standard spacing for compatibility with Arduino boards and most electronic components.
  • Dimensions: 21mm x 23mm x 2.6mm (approximately 0.83 x 0.9 x 0.1 inches), ensuring a compact footprint that fits well in a variety of project enclosures.
  • Pin Length: 15mm (approximately 0.59 inches), providing ample length for secure soldering and connectivity between stacked components.
  • Orientation: Female, designed to mate with male headers or directly with the pins on Arduino boards and other microcontrollers.
  • Material: Durable and conductive, ensuring reliable electrical connections and long-term usability.

Key Features:

  • Extra Long Legs: The extended pin length is perfect for stacking Arduino shields, offering more space between each shield for better airflow and easier access to individual shield components.
  • Versatile Use: While designed for Arduino shields, this female header can also be used in a variety of other electronic projects requiring reliable pin-to-pin connections.
  • Easy to Solder: The pins are made from a solder-friendly material, making it easy to achieve strong and stable connections.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last, this header can withstand multiple insertions and removals, making it suitable for projects that require frequent modifications.


  • Arduino Projects: Ideal for adding functionality to your Arduino by stacking multiple shields.
  • Prototyping: Useful in breadboarding and prototyping for creating temporary or permanent circuit connections.
  • DIY Electronics: A must-have component for DIY enthusiasts looking to build or modify electronic devices with custom configurations.

Note: When using this 10-pin female header for stacking Arduino shields, ensure that all connections are correctly aligned to avoid damaging the pins or the Arduino board. Additionally, consider the overall height of your project when stacking multiple shields to ensure that it remains practical for your intended use.

Header Stackable 10 Pin Long Legs 5PCS

Header Stackable 10 Pin Long Legs 5PCS

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