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Hall Sensor Module

You could use this hall sensor module in making a DIY speedometer, door checker, rotation counter, and a lot more projects. This module uses the A3144E Hall sensor. It measures the Hall effect. The Hall effect is the outcome of current perpendicular to both the direction of the applied electric as well as the magnetic field in a metal or a semiconductor.

It has Digital and Analog outputs, making it easier to measure the current output. The module can work with the Arduino board with or any MCU with 3.3V to 5V logic. It also has screw holes for easier mounting. The digital output usually is HIGH; it turns LOW when it detects even the slightest magnetic field. As for the Analog output, it is from 0-1023.


  • Power supply voltage: 3.3v to 5.5v
  • The current of the signal output is up to 16mA
  • With the comparator circuit, The output signal is more reliability
  • Breakout PINs
  • VCC:3.3V to 5.5v
  • GND: GND
  • DO: Digital Output, Output Low when there is a magnetic field
  • AO: Analog Output,
  • Dimension: 32mm x 14mm
  • 3mm screw hole
  • Power supply indicator and Digital output indicator


Hall Sensor Module

Hall Sensor Module

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