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GSM / GPRS SIM800C Module for Arduino

Checking your system from afar would be a piece of cake by using this module. Enabling GSM/GPRS feature for your project would give you much advantage, especially in controlling or checking your system. But having a wearable device that can do those is another level.

This module uses the SIM800C chip that supports Quad-Band 850/900 1800/1900 MHz. It has a low power consumption at around 0.6mA in sleep mode and can power-up from your preferred microcontroller, or a separate power supply ranging from 5V to 12V. It features GPRS multi-slot class 12/ class 10 with a maximum of 85.6 downlink/uplink speed.

SIM800C is also compliant to GSM phase 2/2+: Class 4(2W at 850/ 900 mHz), class 1(1W at 1800/1900mHz).

It has built-in headphone and microphone jack to easily make/take GSM voice calls. It has static chip protection for the SIM card, where it generates static electricity when the SIM is in the SIM slot for protection. It also has an RTC with battery backup. It supports point-to-point mobile-oriented(MO) and mobile terminated(MT) messaging as well as unstructured supplementary service data(USSD). It supports SMS cell broadcast, meaning sending a message to multiple receivers wouldn't be a problem.

You can do what a standard phone could do, like sending/receiving an SMS, making/taking a call, connecting to GPRS(data) for internet usage. You need this if you want to make a DIY mobile phone.

This module is a GPRS Class B meaning it could only do one service (GPS/GPRS) at a time. To elaborate, you could receive/make calls or send/receive an SMS during a GPRS connection, but the GPRS service is suspended and resumes once done with call/SMS.

With this small module with a quarter dollar size, you could incorporate this into wearable and portable projects.


GSM / GPRS SIM800C Module for Arduino

GSM / GPRS SIM800C Module for Arduino

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