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Gears Belt Pulley Shaft Sleeve Colorful Plastic

Model Color Specification
82A   Copper Gear
562A Orange Red  
562A Blue  
502A Orange Red  
102A Yellow  
102A Blue  
102A Long Orange Red  
15T Blue 2.3mm
15T Blue 3.17mm
15T Blue D Type 3mm
15T Blue D Type 4mm
MXL16T Blue 3mm
MXL16T Blue 4mm
MXL16T Blue 5mm
36102B Purple  
40102B Red  
40102B Yellow  
23202B Black  
24182B Blue  
24222B Blue  
81.4A Orange Red  
301.8B Green  
261.8B Yellow  
401.8A Red  
C201.8B Pink  
C36102B Yellow  
C36102B Purple  
C36102B Red  
Belt Pulley 62A Orange Red  
Belt Pulley 16.82A Yellow  
Belt Pulley 242AB Red  
Belt Pulley 362A2AB Yellow  
Belt Pulley 362A2AB Black  
Belt Pulley 363D2AB Rose Red  
Belt Pulley 363A2AB Yellow  
3pcs Belt   45mm
3pcs Belt   30mm
Three-Blade Propeller   80mm
Four-Blade Propeller   56mm
Three-Blade Propeller   50mm
Reverse  Quadrant Green  
Luffer Board Green  
Shaft Sleeve Yellow 2mm
Shaft Sleeve Green 2.5mm
Shaft Sleeve Pink 3mm
Color Three-Way    
Gear Installation Tools (2pcs)    

Gears Belt Pulley Shaft Sleeve Colorful Plastic

Gears Belt Pulley Shaft Sleeve Colorful Plastic

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