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Gas Sensor MQ5 Analog LPG For Arduino

A gas sensor is a sensor that detects various gas types depending on their chemical level.

This MQ sensor is sensitive to specific gasses like  LPG, Butane, Methane, Alcohol, Hydrogen, and smoke with a detection range of 300PPM to 10000PPM. It is 5V powered. 

The MQ5 module has 4 pins; Digital Pin, Analog Pin, VCC, GND. You only need three, either Digital or Analog pin, to interface this to your Arduino. The built-in potentiometer can adjust the sensitivity. The sensor needs preheating of 20s prior usage.

You may integrate this module with different projects that have gas presence monitoring in it.

Seek the utmost care while using this sensor. Combustible gases and fumes are hazardous! 






Detect Gas Combustible Gas, Smoke Alcohol Vapor LPG, Natural Gas, Town Gas Carbon Monoxide, Coal Gas, Liquefied Gas
Detect Concentration 300-10000ppm 0.04-4mg/L Alcohol 300-10000ppm 10-1000ppmCO;100-10000PPm Gas

    Gas Sensor MQ5 Analog LPG For Arduino

    Gas Sensor MQ5 Analog LPG For Arduino

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