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Fingerprint Sensor (GT-NUCL1633)



The GT-NUCL1633K1 is the latest miniature fingerprint sensor with extensive enhancements on power consumption and user flexibility from ADH-Tech. It allows 360-degree rotation, which enables maximum performance without compromising on design aesthetics. It even works well in less than ideal conditions like when a finger is wet.

The product integrates an optical sensor, light source, and touch under a glass cover. This allowing it to instantaneously capture high resolution images of the fingerprint while rapidly outputting the captured images through the high speed SPI interface to the MCU for recognition algorithm.

The GT-NUCL1633 sensor's advanced optical technology, press instructions, durable structure, high ESD immunity and other features combine to provide designers with a reliable and highly functional sensor for products requiring fingerprint recognition functionality.


  •   GT-NUCL1633 Fingerprint Sensor
  •   6 wire UART Interface Cable

  •      Under Glass Sensor Positioning (No ESD concern)
    • Will support an additional 2mm of cover glass if needed
    • Allows for wet finger recognition
  • Indication LED Illumination in the ring of the device (green)
  • Matching Functionality Embedded in the Device
  • 3.3V Supply Voltage
  • 216 x 216 pixel array
  • 1024 Grayscale Image Quality
  • 30 Fingerprint Storage Capacity
  • UART Interface (115200bps Baud)
  • 20°-70°C Operating Temperature
  • Dimensions
    • 7.1mm Height
    • 21mm Outer Diameter
    • 19mm Inner Diameter

Fingerprint Sensor (GT-NUCL1633)

Fingerprint Sensor (GT-NUCL1633)

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