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ESP8266 5V Wi-Fi Relay Module

The product described is a WiFi-enabled relay module that leverages the ESP8266 WiFi module for wireless communication and control functionalities. It's designed for a variety of applications where remote control of power lines is required, such as in home automation, industrial control, and IoT projects. Here's a closer look at its key features and functionalities:

Onboard Module: ESP8266 WiFi Module

  • AP Mode Capability: The ESP8266 WiFi module can operate in AP (Access Point) mode, allowing up to 5 clients to connect to it simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for creating localized WiFi networks for direct control of the relay module without the need for an external WiFi router.

Operating Way

  • WiFi Control: The module can be controlled via a smartphone that connects to the WiFi module directly or through the same router. By using a dedicated app, users can easily control the relay's on/off states remotely, making it convenient for applications like remote power switching, home automation systems, and IoT projects.

Transmission Distance

  • Long Range: With a maximum transmission distance of 400 meters in open space, the module offers flexibility in placement and can be used in large spaces or environments where the control point is far from the relay.

Relay Specifications

  • High Power Capacity: The relay can handle high power loads up to 10A at 250V AC or 10A at 30V DC, making it suitable for controlling a wide range of electrical devices from lights and motors to other household and industrial appliances.

Communication Parameters

  • Baud Rate: The module communicates at a baud rate of 9600 with a data format of 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no parity, which is a common configuration compatible with many microcontrollers and computer serial ports for easy integration into projects.

Additional Features

  • Protection and Response Time: The module includes diode effusion protection to safeguard against reverse voltage spikes, enhancing its durability and lifespan. It also boasts a short response time, enabling quick control actions which is essential for applications requiring timely operations.

This WiFi relay module combines robust control capabilities with the convenience of wireless connectivity, making it an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts, engineers, and professionals working on projects that require remote control of high-power devices. Its easy integration, coupled with powerful features, offers a versatile solution for a wide array of automated systems and electronic projects.

ESP8266 5V Wi-Fi Relay Module

ESP8266 5V Wi-Fi Relay Module

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