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ESP-12E ESP8266 WiFi Motor Drive Expansion Board

The L293D Motor Driver Expansion Board is a versatile and powerful shield designed specifically for the ESP-12E ESP8266 NodeMCU module. This expansion board is the perfect solution for integrating motor control into your IoT and smart device projects, enabling the development of robots, smart cars, and other motor-driven applications directly through WiFi.

Key Features:

Motor Compatibility: Supports a wide range of motor power supply from 4.5V to 36V, allowing for separate power sources for both the motor and control logic.

Dual Motor Control: This controller can drive up to two motors simultaneously, making it ideal for a variety of robotic applications.

  • Efficient Power Management: Features an onboard power switch for easy control, with operating currents of ≤60mA (Vi = L) and ≤22mA (Vi = H), ensuring efficient power usage.
  • High Current Drive: The drive part of the work current (Io) is ≤1.2A, suitable for small to medium-sized motors.
  • Thermal Management: Maximum power dissipation is 4W at a temperature of 90℃, ensuring stable performance under load.
  • Flexible Signal Levels: Supports a wide range of control signal input levels: High: 2.3V≤VIH≤VIN and Low: -0.3V≤VIL≤1.5V, accommodating various logic levels.
  • Advanced Drive Type: Utilizes a dual high-power H-bridge driver, offering robust control over motor direction and speed.


  • Motor Power Supply: 4.5-36V (can be powered separately)
  • Control Power: 4.5-9V (can be powered separately)
  • Operating Current: ≤60mA (Vi = L), ≤22mA (Vi = H)
  • Drive Part of the Work Current (Io): ≤1.2A
  • Maximum Power Dissipation: 4W (T = 90 ℃)
  • Control Signal Input Level: High: 2.3V≤VIH≤VIN; Low: -0.3V≤VIL≤1.5V
  • Drive Type: Dual high-power H-bridge driver


This motor driver shield is engineered for enthusiasts and professionals exploring the possibilities of WiFi-controlled motor applications. Whether you're building a WiFi-controlled robot, designing a smart vehicle, or experimenting with home automation, this expansion board provides the necessary control and power to bring your projects to life.

ESP-12E ESP8266 WiFi Motor Drive Expansion Board

ESP-12E ESP8266 WiFi Motor Drive Expansion Board

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