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Energy Harvester LTC3108

The LTC3108  is a highly integrated DC/DC converter ideal for harvesting and managing surplus energy from extremely low input voltage sources such as TEGs (thermoelectric generators), thermopiles and small solar cells. The step-up topology operates from input voltages as low as 20mV. Using a small step-up transformer, the LTC3108 provides a complete power management solution for wireless sensing and data acquisition. The 2.2V LDO powers an external microprocessor, while the main output is programmed to one of four fixed voltages to power a wireless transmitter or sensors. The power good indicator signals that the main output voltage is within regulation. A second output can be enabled by the host. A storage capacitor provides power when the input voltage source is unavailable. Extremely low quiescent current and high efficiency design ensure the fastest possible charge times of the output reservoir capacitor.


  • Selectable VOUT of 2.35V, 3.3V, 4.1V or 5V(Choosing to weld different ratios of inductance can get different voltages).Recommended use: Coilcraft brand LPR6235 series
  • LDO: 2.2V at 3mA
  • Logic Controlled Output
  • Reserve Energy Output
  • Power Good Indicator 
  • Uses Compact Step-Up Transformers


Energy Harvester LTC3108

Energy Harvester LTC3108

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