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Electrical Tape

Don't let an exposed wire cause accidents. This electrical tape offers long-lasting insulation and high-temperature resistance with its PVC material. Moreover, it's thick enough to cover an AC wire. It also stretches well so it can wrap your wires more securely. Remember, it is always better to get ahead of risks, so always have electrical tape in your household. 


  • Material: PVC
  • Adhesive: Nature Rubber, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
  • Thickness: 0.13mm
  • Width: 18mm
  • Length: 10m
  • Use temperature: 0~80°C
  • MAX use voltage: 600V
  • Elongation at break: 150% ~ 220% tensile stress: 2.5-3Kg/cm


  • For insulating and binding electric wire protection, electrical insulation protection
  • High pressure-resistance, insulating
  • Unique glue-formulation, high adhesive quality
  • Waterproof and Acid-alkali proof


  • Electrician Tape x1
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Electrical Tape

Electrical Tape

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