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ESP8266 IOT Weather Station Kit

ESP8266 IOT Weather Station Kit - When we want to get up early every morning to understand the weather conditions outside, or we want to DIY a weather station. What is more, we want to be able to build a smart home product of the initial model, this ESP8266 IOT Weather Station Kit is based on esp8266 wifi function to achieve remote data transmission products, through the three sensors to collect temperature and humidity information and to achieve water droplets detection And UV intensity testing.

Three sensor performance is very good, the first Crowtail- temperature & humidity sensor, which uses DHT11 sensor can simultaneously measure the temperature and humidity and then digital signal output. The water flow sensor can detect whether the outside is raining, and the last uv sensor can detect the UV intensity in the current environment. The information collected by the sensor will be processed by esp8266 iot board and sent to another esp8266 iot board, which is connected with a Crowtail-oled. The iot board will display the weather information through the oled screen.

This kit has several highlights, the first is the most popular esp8266wifi chip, powerful, easy to use. Relatively easy to get started, and the board with a charging circuit can facilitate the outdoor part of the sensor is part of the independent work, the second is to build hardware is very convenient and simple, all the sensors and processors only need to connect a few crowtail cable can. The third is for the use of uv sensors and oled, in the weather information to join the UV monitoring is more conducive to people to make the best choice for travel, and then use the oled display and more energy. The most important thing is that, as a kit, it has a lot of development and learning value, you can write your own code or use other sensors to get the information you want and display it in other forms.

After receiving this kit, you can follow our instructions for programming and assembly, and then place the Monitoring station on the mailbox outside the house, or on the roof, but do not put too far, please keep in the 20m range , Then place the Display station next to your bedroom or locker room. Everything will be smarter and more beautiful.

(Pay attention to that this kit does not contain batteries)

Frequently Asked Questions About ESP8266 IOT Weather Station Kit

Q1: Why ESP 8266?

The ESP8266 is capable of offloading all WiFi networking tasks from another application processor or hosting an application. Each ESP8266 module has an AT command set firmware that has been pre-programmed, so all you have to do is connect it to your Arduino device to get nearly the same amount of WiFi functionality as a WiFi Shield (and that's right out of the box)! The ESP8266 module is a very affordable board with a sizable and expanding community.

This module provides sufficient onboard processing and storage power to enable integration with sensors and other application-specific devices through its GPIOs with little development required in advance and little loading required during use. Because of its high level of on-chip integration, it only requires a small amount of external circuitry, and even the front-end module is made to take up little space on the PCB.

The ESP8266 includes a self-calibrated RF enabling it to operate under all operating conditions and requires no external RF components. It also supports APSD for VoIP applications and Bluetooth co-existence interfaces.

The ESP8266 has access to a nearly endless supply of knowledge, all of which has been made possible by great community support. You may find several tools to help you use the ESP8266 in the Documents area below, including instructions on how to turn this module into an IoT (Internet of Things) solution.

Q2: What are humidity and temperature sensors?

The purpose of a weather monitoring system is to find, keep track of, and show different weather data including temperature and humidity. Using sensors to identify and track weather characteristics, this system then sends the data it has gathered to the cloud, where it can be accessed online.

A thermo-hygrometer is a tool that measures both the temperature and humidity of a location in one go. In industries where temperature and humidity are crucial, such as distilleries and fermenting units, pharmaceutical dormitories, plant growth chambers, etc., they show to be quite vital.


  • ESP8266 nodemcu kit
  • Weather station kit
  • Low standby power
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smarthome application
  • Variety of sensors
  • More helpful to your daily life and fully interesting


  • Working Voltage: DC 3.3V-5V
  • Best transmission distance: ≤20m
  • Weight: 128g
  • Case size: 146mm(L)*86mm(W)*35mm(H)

Package list

  • Crowtail- ESP8266 NodeMCU x2
  • Crowtail- Temperature & Humidity sensor x 1
  • Crowtail- OLED x 1
  • Crowtail- Water Sensor x1
  • Crowtail- UV sensor x1
  • 30cm Micro USB cable x2

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ESP8266 IOT Weather Station Kit

ESP8266 IOT Weather Station Kit

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