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Eccentric Vibration Motor 4x10mm

An eccentric vibration motor uses a small unbalanced mass on a DC motor, that creates vibrations when it rotates.

This small yet powerful vibration motor powers up using only 1V to 3V power supply, with the idle current of 230mA and a locked current of 210mA. It has a speed of 4300 minutes at 3V. 

It has a length of 16mm and a diameter of 4mm. The motor's length alone is 10mm. It also has wires connected to the motor

that has a length of 30mm.

This component is in toys and gadgets like a cellphone, a tablet pc, a handheld device, or even industrial tools as an alert or indicator for a specific event.


  • Motor Diameter: 4mm
  • Motor Length: 10mm
  • Full Length: 16mm
  • Wire Length: 30mm
  • Speed: When the voltage is 3v, the speed is 4300 minutes.
  • Voltage Range: 1-3V
  • Rated Voltage: 3V
  • Current: When the voltage is 3v, the idle current is 230ma, and the locked current is 210ma.
  • Weight: about 1.9 grams

Eccentric Vibration Motor 4x10mm

Eccentric Vibration Motor 4x10mm

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