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Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver DRV8833

Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver DRV8833 - Tired of fitting your motor driver on your DIY mechatronics devices? Worry no more! With this tiny DRV8833 board, you can control 2 DC brush motors, a stepper motor, a solenoid, or other inductive loads. It can handle an input voltage of up to 10V and the output current of a single H bridge is 1.5A. This board also has built-in over-current protection (OCP), short circuit protection (SCP), voltage blocking, and overheating protection. Talk about all-in-one! 

Real-world power dissipation considerations

A maximum continuous current of 1.5 A is recommended by the DRV8833 datasheet for each motor channel. At lower currents, the chip will, however, overheat. In our tests, the chip could deliver 1.5 A per channel for about a minute before the chip's thermal protection kicked in and disabled the motor outputs. Still, it could sustain a continuous current of 1.2 to 1.3 A per channel for many minutes without resulting in a thermal shutdown. 

Well, you can keep the motor driver cool and it will determine the actual current you can deliver. Although the printed circuit board of the carrier is intended to remove heat from the motor driver chip, performance can be increased by including a heat sink. Our tests were run at 100% duty cycle; if the motor is PWMed, more heating will be introduced proportional to the frequency.

Included hardware

The DRV8833 dual motor driver carrier comes with two 18-pin breakaway 0.1′′ male headers that can be connected directly to enable the use of the driver with perfboards, breadboards, or 0.1′′ female connectors. (The headers may arrive as one 1/16-inch piece that can be divided in half) . Your motor leads and other connections can also be connected directly to the board.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1) How many DC motors can a dual H-bridge driver drive?

Answer) The L298N Motor Driver is a controller that can easily regulate the direction and speed of up to 2 DC motors using an H-Bridge.

Question 2)  How to check if H-bridge is working?

Answer) When you place the voltmeter across the resistor, you should see a variable voltage depending on the PWM (speed) of the bridge and a change in polarity (+ to - and vice versa) depending on which direction, and then 0V when it is supposed to be "stopped."


  • Dual-H-Bridge Current-Control Motor Driver
  • Low MOSFET ON-Resistance: HS + LS 360mΩ
  • Output Current (at VM = 5 V, 25°C): 1.5-A RMS
  • Input Voltage range of 3 to 10V
  • With low power sleep mode
  • Built in overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, under voltage blocking and over heat protection.

Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver DRV8833

Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver DRV8833

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