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Dual Channel H-Bridge Motor Shield 22V 8A

Dual Channel H-Bridge Motor Shield 22V 8A - The Dual Channel H-Bridge Motor Shield 22V 8A is a compact shield that provides two (2) discrete MOSFET H-bridge and is designed to drive two (2) DC motors with current rating of 8A. It also provides eight (8) N-channel MOSFET IRF3205S and four (4) half-bridge motor controllers IR2104 to construct two (2) H-bridge. Using this shield and a microcontroller, preferably an Arduino board, The user can generally drive motors with a max current of 8A@22V. You can also supply the power from a 7.4~11.1V LI-PO battery.

The Dual Channel H-Bridge Motor Shield 22V 8A can be controlled by applying HIGH (1) or LOW (0) to the direction pins for the motor to move. The Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) can be used as well to control the speed of the motor. Two separate motors can be controlled individually. 

The idea of using PWM signal on the P_1 and P_2 can 0 to 99% but the 100% will be considered as logic 1 or HIGH signal. 

This Dual Channel H-Bridge Motor Shield 22V 8A has a copper thickness of 2 oz. It is a table for a larger current flow. This is the best choice for driving a large current DC motor.

How many transistors does an H-bridge have?

The switch mode configuration of four NPN transistors (BC547) is used in the H-bridge. Transistors T1 and T2 as well as T3 and T4 each have an emitter and collector that are connected. The emitter of T2 and T4 is connected to the ground, and the collector of T1 and T3 is connected to VCC. Through resistors, T1 & T4 and T2 & T3's bases are connected.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1) What is a dual H bridge?

Answer) The motor controller breakout board L298N Dual H Bridge Motor Driver is frequently used to control the speed and direction of motors. Additionally, it can be used to regulate the brightness of some lighting fixtures, including powerful LED arrays.

Question 2) Do H bridges need diodes?

Answer)  Unfortunately, a single flyback diode is insufficient when using an H-bridge circuit. There must be four diodes to provide a path for the induced voltage due to the multiple current pathways.

Question 3)  How does H-bridge control motor direction?

Answer) The two push-pull amplifiers on either side of the motor allow for the control of the current flow direction. Q1 turns off and Q2 turns on if S1 is depressed. If S2 is depressed at the same time, Q3 turns on and Q4 turns off.


  • This uses an IRF3205S MOSFET which support max current up to 110A
  • Uses Half bridge motor controller IR2104, to avoid H-bridge shortage.
  • provides two (2) channel motor controller. 
  • 6-22V is the operating voltage. 
  • Continuous output current: 8A
  • Peak output current: 15A
  • PWM Duty Cycle: 0~99%, 100% will be considered as LOGIC 1
  • to ensure smooth current flow, it has a thick copper board of 2 oz.


Dual Channel H-Bridge Motor Shield 22V 8A

Dual Channel H-Bridge Motor Shield 22V 8A

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