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Light Sensor Digital BH1750FVI

Light Sensor Digital BH1750FVI - This is a BH1750FVI light intensity sensor module with built-in a 16 bit AD converter generating digital signal. The data from this module is light intensity in lx (lux meter). It communicate with micro-controller board through I2C bus.

Frequently asked questions about Light Sensor Digital BH1750FVI

Q1:What exactly is a light sensor digital BH1750FVI?

A powerful digital ambient light sensor, the BH1750FVI is capable of measuring light levels with extreme accuracy in a range of settings. It functions in a variety of illumination settings and connects to other devices using an I2C interface.

Q2: What is the BH1750FVI Light Sensor Digital's working principle?

The BH1750FVI converts light into an electrical current using a photodiode, which is subsequently amplified and transformed into a digital signal via an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The digital signal is then sent to a microcontroller through an I2C interface where it may be handled and examined.

Q3: What features come included with the Light Sensor Digital BH1750FVI?

The BH1750FVI offers several advantages, such as low power consumption, a compact design, and a broad measurement sensitivity range (0.11 - 100,000 lux). It can operate at multiple frequencies and features a 16-bit ADC.

Q4: How do I use the BH1750FVI Digital Light Sensor?

To function, the BH1750FVI requires an I2C interface to be linked to a microcontroller or other device. After connecting, you may create code to use the digital signal from the sensor for a number of tasks, such regulating the brightness of an LED or monitoring the quantity of ambient light in an area.

Q5: What uses are permitted for the Light Sensor Digital BH1750FVI?

The BH1750FVI may be utilised for a number of functions, including regulating display backlights, altering the brightness of mobile devices automatically, integrating smart lighting systems, and monitoring light levels in commercial and industrial settings.

Q6: The Light Sensor Digital BH1750FVI's precision level.

The BH1750FVI's accuracy is influenced by the photodiode's quality, the power supply's dependability, and the calibration of the sensor. The datasheet states that the sensor is accurate to 20% at 1000 lux.

Q7: What is the BH1750FVI Light Sensor Digital calibration procedure?

To calibrate the BH1750FVI, the output must be compared to a reference light source with a predetermined intensity. This may be done with a lux metre or another calibrated light source. After obtaining the reference value, you may change the calibration settings in your code to ensure accurate readings from the sensor.

Q8: Can the Light Sensor Digital BH1750FVI be used outside?

The BH1750FVI may be used outside, however, it has to be protected from moisture and direct sunshine. The sensor should be kept inside of a watertight container if used outside because it is not waterproof.


  • Working Voltage: 3.3V~6V
  • I2C bus Interface with 2 alternative address (f/s Mode Support)
  • Spectral responsibility is approximately human eye response
  • Wide range and High resolution (1 ~ 65535 lx)
  • Light source dependency is little. (ex. Incandescent Lamp. Fluorescent Lamp. Halogen Lamp. White LED. Sun Light)
  • Adjustable measurement result for influence of optical window (It is possible to detect min. 0.11 lx, max. 100000 lx by using this function.) (1 ~ 65535 lx)
  • The influence of infrared is very small.
  • Small measurement variation (+/- 20%)


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Light Sensor Digital BH1750FVI

Light Sensor Digital BH1750FVI

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