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DC12V 24V 5V Converter

DC12V 24V 5V Converter - This a DC12V/24V to 5V comverter module. Potting in an Aluminum case, waterproof. very suit for car application. It can work perfectly with our TOSR series USB/wireless relay. So you can use your smartphone to control your car device easily.


  • Input: DC7V-40V
  • Max output current: 5A
  • Efficiency: 96%
  • Dimension:43x25x20mm
  • 5.5x2.1mm standard size plug
  • Weight: 45g

DC 12V 24V 5V Converter – Description

A DC Converter is an efficient tool to convert one DC voltage to another. The operating voltage of different electronics is sure to vary including ICs and the dedicated DC converter is intended to provide the necessary voltage to every single unit. Further, DC-DC converters are used extensively to produce the regulated voltage significantly from a given source. This source may or may not be managed to a specific load that may or may not be constant.

DC 12V 24V 5V Converters are power conversion circuits with high frequency that further uses high-frequency switching and inductors, capacitors, and transformers. It helps smooth out switching noise into regulated DC voltages. Likewise, closed feedback loops can keep constant voltage output even upon modifying input voltages and output currents. Incredibly, these units are generally much more efficient developments and are smaller as well than linear regulators.

However, in terms of some disadvantages, we can consider noise and complexity as drawbacks of these converters. The waterproof integration is made of an aluminum case that can bring perfection while aligned with the TOSR series and USB/wireless relay. In terms of varieties, DC converters come in isolated and non-isolated mechanisms. You can determine the isolation by considering whether the input ground is connected to the output ground or not.

The Need for DC 12V 24V 5V Converter

A DC converter is designed to transform electrical voltage in an efficient manner. This specification makes the unit ideal for laptops and mobile devices. Both these developments are likely to use switch-mode converters. You can think of your mobile’s various components that require a different amount of voltage to function optimally. The screen will not require that amount of voltage as used by the CPU apartment. This is where the need for a DC converter comes to foray.It steps up or steps down the voltage level as required by different elements of the device.

Further, DC converters are incredibly efficient as well as smaller than linear regulators. Price, design, and noise can be termed as some of its pitfalls, however. The usage of rectifiers, vibrators, and transformers was common when DC converters were not in existence. The previous developments were highly inefficient and execute lots of energy and expel lots of heat.

DC12V 24V 5V Converter

DC12V 24V 5V Converter

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