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DC Motor 130

This motor is a standard '130 size' DC motor. You could include it in your DIY projects like hand crank generator, miniature windmill, small electric fan, and more. It is small and light, around 17.5 grams only. The body dimension is 27.5mm x 20mm x 15mm.

This DC motor has a recommended operational voltage of 3V to 12V with low current consumption at 70mA on free-run and a stall current of 300mA.

You could control this motor by using a motor driver, or by merely wiring it to a battery source.

Note that the rotation of the shaft depends on how you connected it to your power supply or motor driver. It can go clockwise or counterclockwise.


  • Working Temperature: -10°C ~ +60°C
  • Rated Voltage: 6.0VDC
  • Rated Load: 10 g*cm
  • No-load Current: 70 mA max
  • No-load Speed: 9100 ±1800 rpm
  • Loaded Current: 250 mA max
  • Loaded Speed: 4500 ±1500 rpm
  • Starting Torque: 20 g*cm
  • Shaft Size: 8mm x 2mm diameter

DC Motor 130

DC Motor 130

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