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DC Diaphragm Pumps 6-12V R385

The R385 DC Diaphragm Pump can move water without making too much noise. Despite its small size, the pump can be used for all kinds of things, including aquariums and plant watering systems. It can shoot water 3m above or suck them 2m below. The R385 pump requires 6-12DC input voltage and a current between 0.6-0.7A to properly function. Quite nifty for a tiny machine.


  • Pump Size: 90 mm * 40 mm * 35 mm
  • Outlet diameter: inside diameter of 6 mm, an outer diameter of 8.5 mm
  • Working voltage: DC12V, current work: 0.5-0.7A (6W power must achieve above)
  • Traffic: 1.5-2L / Min (left and right), the maximum suction lift: 2 m
  • Head: Vertical up to 3 meters
  • Work life: up to 2500H
  • Withstand water temperature: up to 80 ℃
  • 40 PSI

  • 1 x R385 DC Diaphragm Pump

DC Diaphragm Pumps 6-12V R385

DC Diaphragm Pumps 6-12V R385

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