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DC DC Booster 6A 150W

This step-up regulator module can input voltages from 10V to 32V with 10A maximum current input.

The output of this module can be adjusted from 12V to 35V with 6A maximum output current. Note that you can only adjust the output voltage to 2V higher than your input voltage. The formula would be Vo = Vi + 2V.

The conversion efficiency of this module is 94%, with a maximum output ripple of 2%. It could operate with temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C. However, the downside for this module is that it has no short circuit protection as well as input reverse polarity protection. You need to create one for this module.

You may use this to have a power supply for your laptop using a 12V power supply.

DC DC Booster 6A 150W

DC DC Booster 6A 150W

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