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Creality UV Resin 500g Grey

Low viscosity and good fluidity: With good fluidity, this resin can quickly mold after it infiltrates the model, improving the success rate of the model, reducing the release force and adhesion of the resin, precisely improving the printing accuracy, and make it easier to clean the machine and model.

High printing accuracy: Low shrinkage rate, stable printing size, high printing accuracy, the model feels delicate with the smooth surface, and all detail shows up clearly.

Quick printing speed: Ensure the strength of the model and does not shrink excessively, increasing the printing speed with shortening the curing time, simultaneously improving the printing efficiency of the LCD machine as much as possible.

Bright and colorful: Multiple colors to suit your project needs

Please note this resin is intended for use only with Creality Resin Printers: See the LD-002H LCD Resin printer!

Wide range of applications: Film models, Low wax Casting, Gift Craft, Research experiments, Architectural progress, and Dental Customization.


  • Do not attempt to use the unit in any way not described in the instructions to avoid accidental personal injury and property damage
  • Do not place the unit near flammable or explosive materials or high heat sources. Place the unit in a vented, cool, and dust-free environment.
  • Do not place the printer in a vibrating or unstable environment. The shaking of the printer will affect the print quality
  • It is recommended to use the manufacturer's recommended material to avoid damage to the printer.
  • The power plug should be plugged into a three-hole socket with a ground wire. Please use the power cord supplied with the unit. Do not use other product power cords during the installation process.
  • Do not touch the photosensitive resin directly, especially your eyes. If skin irritation or discomfort is caused, please immediately clean with water. if the condition is serious please consult a doctor promptly.
  • Do not touch the skin when cleaning the finished product or touching the photosensitive resin. The photosensitive resin is an epoxy resin that is irritating to the skin. Please wear protective gloves for operation.
  • Do not remove the trough at will to prevent the resin on the molding platform from dripping onto the screen.
  • Do not use pointed sharp products to scrape the trough release film. If there is any printing residue in the trough, remove the molding platform and then take out the trough, empty the resin, filter the residue with a filter, and clean the trough. Pay attention to the protection of the trough when the residue is used to please note that the trough is a valuable item.
  • Do not use in direct sunlight or strong light. The printer must be used in the clear air without obvious floating objects, temperature: 26±5 degrees celsius. For high-quality printing. Please print in a constant temperative environment.


  • Store in a light-shielded seal at room temperature
  • The resin remaining in the trough should not be exposed to air for a long time. If it is more than one week, it is not recommended to store it separately again.
  • The resin that has been used on the printer should not be poured back into the unused new resin. It can be stored in other clean containers, sealed with plastic wrap, and stored in an environment exposed to NO UV light.'
  • Keep out of reach of children to avoid eating.

Creality UV Resin 500g Grey

Creality UV Resin 500g Grey

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