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Capacitive Touch Module 4 Channel TTP224

Capacitive Touch Module 4 Channel TTP224 - Tired of buttons always ruining the aesthetic of your devices? This must be the item you need! The Capacitive Touch Module 4 Channel TTP224 is a 4-touch key module that provides you with a fresh way to incorporate keypress inputs on your projects. It detects your fingers millimeters away so you don't need to press that hard to trigger a signal. Moreover, this module is compatible with any microcontroller and Arduino board in existence. What a treat!

Frequently Asked Questions

what is Capacitive Touch Module?

Many different materials, including copper, indium tin oxide (ITO), and printed ink, are used to make capacitive sensors. Copper capacitive sensors can be used on both flexible material and regular FR4 PCBs. The capacitive sensor may be up to 90% transparent thanks to ITO (for one-layer solutions, such as touch phone screens)

The capacitive sensor's size and spacing have a big impact on how well it works. The kind of ground plane that is deployed is important, along with the sensor's size and separation from the ground plane. It is critical to select a ground plane that reduces the concentration of e-field lines when there are no conductive objects nearby because the circuit of the sensor is proportional to the path taken by the electric field (e-field) to the ground.

The touch-sensing IC (TTP223B) capacitive touch switch module is the base for the module. The module's typical condition involves modest power consumption and output. If a finger is placed in the appropriate spot, the module output is high. If it is not touched for 12 seconds, the module switches to low-power mode.

Selecting the right kind of sensing material is the first step in designing a capacitance sensing system (FR4, Flex, ITO, etc.). It's also important to understand the conditions in which the gadget will function, including the entire operating temperature range, the available radio frequencies, and the user interface.

Two Types Of Capacitive Sensing Systems

There are two different kinds of capacitive sensing systems: absolute capacitance and self- or mutual capacitance. In mutual capacitance, the item (such as a finger or conductive pen) loads the sensor or increases the impedance to the ground. In both situations, the relative motion of the item or finger during that time is determined by the difference between an earlier absolute position and the current absolute position.

What is the difference between IR touch and capacitive touch?

Two completely different forms of touchscreen technology are infrared and capacitive. Capacitive detects touch commands using a consistent electrostatic current, whereas IR uses a grid-like arrangement of LEDs and sensors.


  • Onboard TTP224 capacitive touch sensor IC 4 keys
  • 4 board-level status indicator
  • Working voltage: 2.4V-5.5V
  • Advanced Pins breakout, so that the output mode and working mode selectable.
  • Low power selection
  • PCB board size: 35 (mm) x29 (mm)
Library: None


  • Capacitive Touch Module 4-Channel x1


Capacitive Touch Module 4 Channel TTP224

Capacitive Touch Module 4 Channel TTP224

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