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Capacitive Touch Module

Capacitive Touch Module -  Are you tired of clicking the mechanic button? Try our capacitive touch sensor. Right now we can find touch sensors on most electronic devices. So upgrade your Arduino project with our new version touch sensor and make it cool!!

This little sensor can "feel" people and metal touch and feedback at a high/low voltage level. Even isolated by some cloth and paper, it still can feel the touch. And the sensitivity will decrease as isolation get thick. For detail of usage, please check our wiki. To extreme the user experience of our sensor module, we made the following improvements. We can feel our care for customers.

What Is Capacitive Touch Module 4 Channel TTP224?

The 4-touch key module is called the Capacitive Touch Module 4 Channel TTP224. It is a new approach to deal with the standard key-press button. It can electrically detect the finger feel within a few millimeters. This makes it possible to simulate the button's "press" action.

What is a capacitive touch module?

The touch-sensing IC (TTP223B) capacitive touch switch module acts as the base for the module. The module's typical condition involves modest power consumption and output. If a finger is placed in the proper position, the module output is high. If it is not touched for 12 seconds, the module switches to low-power mode.

What is the TTP223 touch sensor?

A touchpad detector IC that resembles a single tactile button is called the TTP223. With a variety of pad sizes, this touch-detection IC may completely replace direct button keys.

How does a touch module work?

A touch sensor operates similarly to a standard switch. The internal circuit of the touch sensor closes when there is contact with its surface, allowing current to flow through it. When the circuit will be closed there will be no current flows when the contact is released.

How does a capacitive touch panel work?

When another electrical conductor, such as your own finger, makes touch with this conductor, the substance reacts. The electrical charge at the spot where your finger makes contact with the screen changes when you touch it because an electric circuit is completed there.

How does capacitive touch work with Arduino?

In general, the Arduino estimates the capacitance by measuring how long it takes the capacitor (i.e., the touch sensor) to charge. Even though the capacitance may be extremely little, the Arduino measures it accurately. Using the CapSense library is one method of bringing capacitive touch into a project.


  • Wide voltage range from 3.3V to 5V
  • Standard assembling structure (two 3mm holes with multiple of 5cm as interval)
  • Easily recognitive interfaces of sensors ("A" for analog and "D" for digital)
  • Icons to simply illustrate sensor function 
  • High-quality connector
  • Immersion gold surface


  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V to 5V
  • Interface: Digital
  • Size:22x30mm


Capacitive Touch Module

Capacitive Touch Module

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