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Buzzer 3V / 5V Active 5PCS

Just when you thought passive buzzers aren't simple enough, comes active buzzers that don't need any other components besides themselves! Active buzzers use internal oscillators so no need to have additional circuitry. You can control it with an Arduino just like you turn on and off an LED. Moreover, this buzzer triggers with either 3V or 5V logic level. 

  • Power voltage:3V /5V.
  • Resistance: 42Ω.
  • The distance between two pins: 6.6mm.
  • The height of the buzzer: 8.2mm.
  • The diameter of the buzzer: 12mm.
Library: None

Inclusions:  5 x Active Buzzers 3-5V

Documents: None

Buzzer 3V / 5V Active 5PCS

Buzzer 3V / 5V Active 5PCS

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