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Bluetooth HC 05 Module

Bluetooth HC 05 Module -  The HC-05 Bluetooth Module can be used in a Master or Slave configuration, making it a great solution for wireless communication. You can use it simply for a serial port replacement to establish a connection between MCU and GPS, PC to your embedded project, etc. Further, the Bluetooth module brings versatile applicability by allowing you to use it across several applications. It is suitable for game controllers, wireless headsets, wireless mouse/keyboards, and many other consumer applications.

The range of the unit is up to <100m and is dependent upon the receiver and transmitter, geographic and other conditions. The Bluetooth integration captures IEEE 802.15.1 standardized protocol to allow users to build a wireless Personal Area Network. In order to share data through the air, the system integrates Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) radio technology. Also, it executes a serial communication tool to convey data with devices. It uses a serial port to communicate with the microcontroller.

Bluetooth HC 05 Module – Description

Bluetooth HC 05 Module is a Bluetooth mechanism that is particularly assembled for wireless communication. You can implement the module in either Master or Slave modes and switching between these two modes is quite easy. You will get the Slave mode configured by default. Further, the Slave mode can only accept connection but can't initiate a connection to a Bluetooth-enabled device.AT command is provided to change the mode to either Master or Slave.

Pin Settings

As far as the pin configurations are concerned, the Bluetooth serial module permits all serial-enabled circuits to communicate with each other via Bluetooth. There are 6 pins in total on the unit:

1. Key/EN: You can use this pin to bring the Bluetooth module in AT commands. You can execute the module in the command mode with the Key/EN pin set in high. However, the unit will remain in data mode by default.

2. VCC: You can connect 5V or 3.3V to this specific pin.

3. GND: It is called the Ground pin on the module.

4. TXD: This pin is used to transmit serial data received by the Bluetooth module.

5. RXD: This pin allows you to receive data serially transmitted by a Bluetooth module.

6. State: This pin indicated whether the module is connected or not.

To perform Bluetooth communications, you can send data from the smartphone terminal to the HC 05 Bluetooth Module and see it on the PC and vice versa. There are several Bluetooth terminal applications for Android and Windows in their respective app stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why does Bluetooth beat WiFi?

While Bluetooth 4.0 can carry data at a maximum rate of 25 Mbps, the most latest WiFi technology can do so at rates of up to 250 Mbps. Despite the stark contrast between the two, Bluetooth devices won't be downloading huge files, and their slower data transfer rates are still perfect for voice talks.

Q2: Which Bluetooth device's range is the longest?

About 30 feet is the Bluetooth connection's range (10 meters). The maximum communication range, however, may change in response to electromagnetic interference or barriers (people, metal, walls, etc.).

NOTICE: Not every piece of audio equipment has Bluetooth capabilities.

You can increase the range of your Bluetooth connection with range extenders. This is what? The extender, sometimes referred to as a booster or repeater, enables you to connect devices outdoors that are up to 150 feet away. You may expand the distance up to 70 feet indoors by using the extension.

Q3: How many different Bluetooth module kinds are available?

The HC-05, HC-06, RS-232: TTL, BLE link Bee, BLE small, Blue SMiRF, Bluetooth mate, JY-MCU, ITEAD BT, and other Bluetooth modules are utilized in biomedical applications. The HC-05 is one of the most widely used Bluetooth modules.

Q4: What benefits does Bluetooth offer?

Below are some of the most significant benefits of Bluetooth,

  • Other wireless devices' interference is avoided.
  • Less electricity is used by it.
  • It is simple to upgrade.
  • Compared to Infrared communication, it has a wider range.
  • Both speech and data transfers use Bluetooth.
  • The cost of Bluetooth devices is really low.
  • There is no line of sight, hence no obstructions can prevent connection.
  • If Bluetooth is enabled on the device, usage is free.

Many goods, including headphones, in-car systems, printers, webcams, GPS systems, keyboards, and mice can be used with the technology.


  • Built-in CSR company Bluetooth chip BC417143
  • Bluetooth® Technology v2.0 + EDR
  • TTL data transparent transfer between a host Bluetooth device
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth adapters that support SPP
  • Coverage up to 30 ft / 10 m
  • Built in antenna
  • Power input: +3.3VDC (bluetooth module)
  • Can set the module control parameters and control commands via AT commands
  • The maximum serial baud rate: 1382400 bps, support for hardware flow control transfer
  • Provide seven input and output ports
  • Connection/non-connection status indicators


Bluetooth HC 05 Module

Bluetooth HC 05 Module

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