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Battery 9V DC Jack 2PCS

Battery 9V DC Jack 2PCS - This power jack adapter is for the rectangular 9V batteries. It also has a 5.5 by 2.1mm center-positive DC jack, which connects to MCUs with on-board female DC barrel jacks like Arduino Uno, Mega, Due, and the likes. The wire is around 10cm long.

It is straightforward to use. You need to attach the snap-on part of the adapter to the 9V battery. You won't get confused as the snap-on has 2 different parts (Female/Male) that snap right on the battery.

You could also use this to connect your DIY electronics to the battery. This pack comes in pairs.

The Non-DC jack is also available here.

9v Battery DC Jack – Description

The 9v battery DC Jack brings lots of valuable configurations when you integrate the system for project purposes. The battery snap connector with battery connector cap loads multiple features for enthusiasts who look for a versatile profile in the same unit of tools. It permits users to implement the 9v battery conveniently alongside the execution of the power plug. It works efficiently when it comes to powering several common boards and modules. It may include the widely recognized Arduino as well as many other compatible microcontrollers.

Furthermore, the 9v Battery Snap Connector adjoins a DC jack to offer more flexibility to project managers. The prominent highlight is that the development reflects the top-quality material that delivers renowned support for your projects. It imparts the ability to use a 9v battery without any difficulty alongside powering multiple boards and modules. Moreover, the unit connects a plug of a common barrel-type that further presents an outside diameter of 5.5mm and 2.1mm (inside diameter). Well, the center of the unit stays positive.

The battery connector snap highlights an open wire at one end while the other side tags a battery connector. Therefore, it offers the full convenience to use the formulation across projects and captures a myriad of advantages, including avoiding short circuits and no chance of mismatch polarity. It provides the wires in different colors (red and black) to prevent the mismatch. In others, the battery connector is quite easy to use with optimum battery, easy to connect/disconnect and avoids the polarity conflict.

Features – 9v Battery DC Jack (2pcs)

The 9V Battery DC Jack piles several elegant features that are as undermentioned:

  • The battery snap connector is built of fantastic and robust material. It is simply efficient in preventing short circuits and other damages due to its finest construction and material application.
  • The integration reflects fine workmanship with a compact and lightweight size of the whole development. The length of the wire measures 10cm.
  • Further, users will get two connecting wires in the red and black colors respectively. Also, it presents T-points on the single edge to provide you with the convenience of use.
  • Significantly, the 9v battery connector is an environment-friendly buckle that also saves power alongside protecting the atmosphere.
  • It provides great electrical conductivity and a smoother feel of touch to users.
  • Moreover, the 9v battery snap connector is easy to use and connect.

Specifications –

  • Supply voltage– 9v
  • DC jack Size - 2.1mm
  • Length of Cable– 10cm
  • Width – 26mm
  • Length– 160mm
  • Shipment Weight - 0.01 kg
  • Shipment Dimensions - 5 × 5 × 3 cm
  • Height– 9mm
  • Cable Length– 10cm
  • Weight – 7gm

Battery 9V DC Jack 2PCS

Battery 9V DC Jack 2PCS

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