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Battery 3S 12V 25A Charger 18650 BMS

Capable of handling 3S 18650 batteries or lithium-polymer(LiPo) batteries in series), this BMS could be your solution in-powering up geared motors rated at 12V. It has a rated voltage of 10.8V using LiPo batteries, and 11.1V using 18650 or 3.7V rated lithium batteries. The instantaneous current is peaked 25A, with overcurrent protection of 75A overcurrent peak.

It has an internal resistance of less 150mΩ for short circuit protection. In times of idling, it only discharges 5µA and can live up to 30000 hours, that's almost a year! It could be stored or used in places with temperatures from 40°C to 50°C.

They are 6 solder pads that you could connect. Two of which are for charging/discharging (P+/P-). 4 are for the battery to be used (B1+, B2+, B3+, B-). B2+ connects to the middle part of the first series, in between the connected positive pole and the negative pole of the battery. B3+ connects to the second series, B1+ connects to the positive pole ending of the battery series, and B- is connected to the available negative pole ending of the battery series.

Battery 3S 12V 25A Charger 18650 BMS

Battery 3S 12V 25A Charger 18650 BMS

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