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Breadboard MB102 830 Point

Breadboard MB102 830 Point - A breadboard comes in handy when you are organizing your wiring connections. You can use a breadboard if you have multiple sensors attached to your Arduino board.

This breadboard is what we usually called the full-size breadboard. The total number of tiny holes is 830. 200 of which are for power rails on both sides, having 100 each. The middle part where you make the connections of your components are terminal strips, 630 pins. The holes have a spacing of 0.1"/ 2.54mm for jumper cables and headers.

It also has self-adhesive on the back for mounting, and interlocking parts so that you could have a cascaded breadboard. We also have a half-sized version and a mini version. 


  • 830 Holes
  • Self-Adhesive
  • Interlockable
  • 2 Power Lanes
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 5.5 cm

Breadboard MB102 830-Point – Description

Without any shred of doubt, the breadboard seems exceptionally beneficial in the arrangement and management of wiring connections. An MB102 (830-points) Solderless Prototype PCB Breadboard features the utility to support you when you have multiple projects and sensors attached to your Arduino board.

Further, the invaluable tool stands advantageous when it comes to experimenting with circuit designs. There are 830 holes and that is what makes the breadboard unit the full-sized integration. The tiny holes give you the freedom to connect multiple sensors and make it a versatile unit to accommodate several features.

The breadboard integration is quite popular amongst enthusiasts and is used to host temporary circuits as well as testing purposes. Since you don’t need to implement soldering; breadboard is easy to change connections alongside replacing components. The full-sized Solderless breadboard houses 2 split power buses, 63 rows, and 10 columns. That’s why it has a total of 830 ties in points. There is a standard space of 0.1” between each pin. Similarly, the breadboard features 2 sets of 5 columns that are further spaced by about 0.3”.

In terms of other specifications, the breadboard MB102 accepts wires with a size ranging between 20-29AWG. Further, it is the perfect integration and electric equipment for straddling a DIP package over. On the backside of the breadboard unit, you’ll find self-adhesive. Additionally, the board provides interlocking parts to allow you to hook as many together as you prefer. The board permits you to make the connections of your components in the middle part via terminal strips. It is a set of 630 holes with a spacing of 0.1”. Hence, users can connect jumper cables and headers.

FEATURES – Breadboard MB102 830-Point

Breadboard MB102 circuit brings numerous specifications and features on the board. Let’s have a look at some of the promising ones:

  • 830 Holes – Overall, the unit integrates 830 holes to allow you the freedom of connecting multiple sensors altogether. It is further divided into 2 segments that include 200 distribution holes and 630 terminal holes.
  • Self-Adhesive–On the back of the board, you can witness a self-adhesive. It facilitates users when it comes to mounting and interlocking parts. You enjoy the full flexibility of integrating multiple projects through individual profiles on the board.
  • Interlockable–Furthermore, the MB102 830-Point unit brings properties through which a user can interlock several components on the same board.
  • Material –The board implements ABS plastic material to ensure robust utilization of the platform. It features a long-lasting approach.
  • 2 Power Lanes–There are two power lanes on the board.
  • Dimensions – Physically, breadboard M102 measures 16.5 x 5.5 cm

Breadboard MB102 830 Point

Breadboard MB102 830 Point

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