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Ardumoto Motor Driver Shield

Ardumoto Motor Driver Shield -  This is a motor shield for Arduino that will control two DC motors. Based on the L298 H-bridge, the Ardumoto can drive up to 2 amps per channel. The board takes its power from the same Vin line as the Arduino board, includes blue and yellow LEDs to indicate active direction, and all driver lines are diode protected from back EMF. The new version of this shield allows for either 3.3 or 5v logic, a separate and more robust VIN connection, and the PWM input has moved to pin 3.    Control for motor attached to OUT1/2 is connected to digital line 12 (direction A) and digital line 3 (PWM A). Control for motor attached to OUT3/4 is connected to digital line 13 (direction B) and digital line 11 (PWM B).


  • The Logic Control Voltage: 4.5~5.5V
  • Motor Supply Voltage: 6~15V
  • Max Drive Current: 2A
  • Maximum Power Dissipation: 25W (T = 75 degree Celsius)
  • Operating Temperature: -25 degree Celsius ~ +130 degree Celsius
  • Output Duty Range: 0%~100%

Frequently asked Questions about Ardumoto Motor Driver Shield

Q1: What is the Ardumoto motor shield's maximum operating voltage?

Before choosing how to power your Ardumoto project, make sure the voltage and current requirements of your motor are met. These requirements change. For instance, the 65 RPM Hobby Gearmotors have a recommended range of 3--6V but can be powered safely at up to 9V.

Q2: What is made possible by using the motor shield?

You can simply control the direction and speed of a motor using an Arduino and the Arduino Motor Shield. It is incredibly easy to include a motor in your project because it lets you easily address Arduino pins. You can also use a separate power supply of up to 12 volts to power a motor.

Q3: Can I add additional motors?

Indeed, by piling up shields! You can use two 5V DC hobby servos and up to four DC motors, or you can use two 5-12VDC stepper motors (or one stepper and up to two DC motors). As the servo contacts are connected to Arduino pins #9 and #10, you won't be able to add any more servo connections.

Q4: What models of Arduino are compatible with this shield?

Duemilanove, Diecimila, Uno (all versions), Leonardo, and Mega/ADK R3 and higher have all been tested to function with it.
If you add a jumper wire connecting the shield's SDA pin to Digital 20 and the SCL pin to Digital 21, it will function with Mega R2 and lower.
You must set the board up for 3.3v logic levels in order to utilize it with the Due or other 3.3v processors. Locate the trio of pads with the "Logic" designation. A jumper from 3.3v to the center is added after the little trace between the center pad and 5v is cut.

Q5: What kind of stepper motors work with the shield?

Simple H-bridge drivers with a 1.2A continuous current limit are the TB6612B driver chips. Since there is no active current limiting, you should pick a stepper motor that won't attempt to draw more than that.
Use a motor with a phase resistance of 10 ohms or greater, is a straightforward rule of thumb. With supply voltages up to 12 volts, this can be used without risk.
The shield works well with the NEMA 17 motor that we have in the shop because it has a phase resistance of roughly 35 ohms.

Ardumoto Motor Driver Shield

Ardumoto Motor Driver Shield

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