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LilyPad Arduino Main Board (Atmega 328)

Creating a wearable project is no easy task. But with that, developers have come to develop a board that you can sew into your apparel.

This board is integrated with ATMega328 at 8MHz with the Arduino bootloader and a small number of external components keeping it small as possible. The backside of the Lilypad is flat, making it easier for mounting without having to be poked by solder traces. It can run with 2V to 5V power supply. You could program this using Arduino Pro Mini 328/8MHz board setting in your Arduino IDE. 

Lilypads are created with large connecting pads/solder pads to make sewing more comfortable, as well as

connecting your components. This module is made by Leah Buechley and designed by collaborating with SparkFun. One thing that made this superb is that it is washable.

LilyPad Arduino Main Board (Atmega 328)

LilyPad Arduino Main Board (Atmega 328)

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