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Arcade Button 30mm Translucent Blue

Translucent Arcade Buttons: Elevate Your Gaming Experience

Discover the blend of style, functionality, and quality with our Translucent Arcade Buttons. These aren't just any buttons; they're a step up in your gaming and project-making experience, offering a unique combination of aesthetics and performance.

Distinctive Features:

  • Eye-Catching Design: Each button flaunts a crystal translucent glossy finish available in 6 vibrant colors, transforming any arcade setup into a visually stunning spectacle. The absence of built-in LEDs is a canvas for creativity, allowing you to insert a diffused LED into the body for a custom glow that lights up your gaming experience.

  • Optimal Size: With a diameter common to arcade controls (30mm), these buttons are designed to fit seamlessly into standard setups, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation.

  • Space-Saving: Unlike traditional arcade controls, these buttons are notably shorter, requiring only 1.5" of depth for installation. For even more space efficiency, the contacts can be bent over, reducing the depth requirement to just 1.25".

  • Smooth Operation: The action of these buttons is engineered for satisfaction. They offer a smooth press without a pronounced click yet provide tactile feedback to assure you of every input. This balance ensures both a pleasant tactile experience and reliable performance.

  • Premium Quality: Each button comes equipped with a tiny micro-switch pre-installed, featuring gold-plated contacts for superior conductivity and durability. This attention to detail guarantees a long-lasting, responsive setup for all your gaming needs.

Whether upgrading your arcade cabinet, customizing a gaming controller, or integrating into interactive projects, these translucent arcade buttons offer the perfect combination of beauty, functionality, and quality. Elevate your projects and gaming setups with buttons that not only perform exceptionally but also look fantastic.

Arcade Button 30mm Translucent Blue

Arcade Button 30mm Translucent Blue

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